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message 1: by Filipa (new)

Filipa (fiwipa) | 32 comments Hello nice librarian!

I have this book right in front of me and just noticed the need for some corrections:
* name is Terezín - the i has an accute accent on it
* author is Daniel Blaufuks (images and text), Karel Margry is a contributor (last chapter of the book) with the text Theresienstadt (1944-1945): the Nazi Propaganda Film depicting the Concentration Camp as Paradise which originally appeared on Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television, Volume 12, no. 2 in 1992
* book has a Portuguese publisher (had never heard of co-publishing before!) named Tinta da China, a different ISBN13 is provided for them: 9789728955632 (although the book's bar code has the German ISBN already on the GR record)
* according to Steidl's website the publishing date is April 2010
* book comes with a DVD (2 sides: NTSC and PAL) of Daniel Blaufuks' 2007 film “Theresienstadt", marked as having a 92 minute length

Hope to have been helpful!
Thank you so much!

❂ Murder by Death  (murderbydeath) Can you please clarify: do you have the Portuguese edition with ISBN 9789728955632? Or the German edition with ISBN 9783865216991. OR are you saying your book has both ISBN's?

(trying to figure out if the current records needs all the corrections, or if an a new edition should be created for the Portuguese edition...)

message 3: by Filipa (new)

Filipa (fiwipa) | 32 comments Sorry that wasn't clear when I was talking about co-publishing.
Book has 2 ISBN mentioned inside it.
I got my book in Portugal and the barcode outside has only the German ISBN. I checked the Portuguese publisher' website and they only mention one edition (May 2010) and the Portuguese ISBN.
However, given the small editions of these kind of books, this is probably the exact same as I have.

message 4: by Filipa (new)

Filipa (fiwipa) | 32 comments Sorry Jennifer (or any other librarian),
any idea when you will be able to get to solve these issues?

message 5: by Amara (new)

Amara Tanith (aftanith) Looks like your message #3 slipped under our radar, Filipa. Sorry about that, and thanks for bumping in an non-confrontational manner. ;)

For ISBN 9783865216991, I've corrected the title, denoted Daniel Blaufuks as both the author and the photographer, added Karel Margry as a contributor, and corrected the publication date based on the publisher's information.

I will admit that I'm not 100% sure what is going on with two ISBNs being listed in the same book without clear definitions of which corresponds to that particular edition. So, being uncertain, I've added ISBN 9789728955632 to the database as a separate Portuguese edition.

If I missed anything, let us know, and I or someone else can correct it. :)

message 6: by Filipa (new)

Filipa (fiwipa) | 32 comments Thank you for doing the updates!
I'm also wondering about the ISBN thing. Maybe they only change the jacket cover (not sure that's the correct word), according to the edition as that's where you find the barcode.
Let me know if it would be useful to contact the Portuguese publisher to ask.
Thank you once more :)

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