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((cool :D))

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isabella walks in and starts dancing

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Albany walked in

Isabel~domolover | 3021 comments Sammy walked in following Albany.

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Albany turned on the stereo to some really upbeat music

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she glares at them

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Albany saw Isabella "oh hi, you want me to turn it off?"

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Isabel~domolover | 3021 comments Sammy starts break dancing.

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""she stutters

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"are you sure?" albany asked genuinely, she didn't want to bother anyone

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"yea..."she says she could do hip hop but like ballet better

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Albany smiled "okay" she started to dance like Sammy was

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she rolls her eyes and does the moves perfectly

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Albany gave Isabella an odd look, she'd never seen her be the least bit annoyed before, and she stood up "maybe I should go somewhere else..." she said as she headed for the door

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she shrugs she didnt really talk much or stand up for herself

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Isabel~domolover | 3021 comments sammy follows.

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she goes back to ballet

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Carter is dragged in by Lola

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"ill be right back"she runs into another room

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Carter sat in the back corner

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she comes back out in this
and starts up the music she was the best at hip hop

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Carte watched her with a smile on his face

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she sighs facing the mirror she turns on the camrea she set up she need to video tape herself for the teacher she starts the music and starts dancing to a fast song

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Carter stays quiet but watched her, sitting out of the cameras view

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she does a back flip and does a split and finishes

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Carter waits until she stops the camera

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she stops the camera and sits down on the floor

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Carter clapped "very nice job, pinky"

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she rolls her eyes "i messed up at the end"

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"where? I didn't see any mess ups...." carter said honestly

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"i should have done the flip the other way...."she says and gets up "dont say anyything but i have to make video for ballet "

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Carter nodded and gave a thumbs up, but kept his mouth shut

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she gets changed
she hates ballet she sets up the camera

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Carter smiled 'she looks beautiful' he thought

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"i hate this stupid thing"she groans and turns on some crappy slow song and starts dancing

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Carter smiled as he watched her

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she lifta her leg up all the way up and balannces on her toes and spins around fast landing into a spilt and stops the music

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Carter grinned

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"thats was awful "she says and lays back

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"I think you look pretty" carter smirked at her

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"i look stupid"she says

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"not uh, you look beautiful" carter said honestly

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she looks at him like he's crazy

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"I'm serious, you're beautiful" carter said as he looked at her

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"yea right"she sits up and leans against the wall

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Carter sighed "you do"

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she lets her hair down her now blond hair in messy waves she runs a hand threw her hair she always did that when she was thinking

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