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Carole Carole Sep 18, 2012 02:49PM
I just finished it, and I wasn't disappointed. Some series after 2 books, seem to fall flat or they feel like they are rushed. I didn't find that with this series - What did you think of this book and the series in whole?

I absolutely loved this book and this whole series!! I felt she did a good job wrapping things up, but I totally would read more. I also had a fangirl moment when Dank sang "Yet You Stay" because I downloaded that on my iPod haha. But I do agree that it was too short.

I loved this series but would LOVE to see another book on what happens next!

I loved this series! Highly recommend it!!

I love this series and more importantly, I like the way it ended though the ending was quite short. I want more of it. It's definitely one of my best read series for this year. A very refreshing read.

I was disappointed. There wasn't much conflict, it was too short, and it seems like it wasn't as well edited as her previous books (spell check yes, grammar and word usage no, ie: real words used incorrectly). I'm not necessarily a grammar Nazi but obviously mistyped words draw me out of the story. (e.g. "hic" instead of "his" - wait! what?)

I love Ms. Gline's books, and I am happy that Dankmar and Pagan got a happy ending, but it all went by too fast, and there didn't seem to be any doubt or angst on anyone's part that Pagan may end up with Jay. Was he even in the story for more than a couple of pages? And why was Leif in it at all? Just to cause one tiny spot of trouble for Dankmar that couldn't have been pulled off by a mortal? Please. Leif deserved his potential happy ENDING in the between the novels short and should have been left out of this entirely.

I'm glad I read it + I'm glad it ended the way it did - it could have been much better = disappointed.

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Celeste I agree
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I loved the whole series and thought this was an excellent ending to the trilogy. This book was my favorite and agree with Kim that is was short. That probably because I wanted more Dank! It seems like several of the YA author are changing to the mature/YA. I prefer the mature/Ya but because the first two books took place in high school, I thought the intimacy was perfect. In this last book they had been through so much together that it made her more of a woman than a girl.

Overall, I thought it was okay. I liked the first book the most. I think I was expecting a little more angst with this one since her 'soulmate' was in the mix, but I didn't even notice a connection between Pagan & Jay.

I loved this book and the ending was awsome how they ended up living forever and everything fell into place but I felt like everything was rushed.

I LOVE IT! I ATE IT ALL UP! This series kept on getting better and better. Ceaseless had the perfect ending. It was everything I hoped for and then some. There's just one problem now... I don't know what to read next. LOL.

Love, love, love this series! Pagan is the girl we all want to be and Dank; whew!!! The pages practically smoked with the intensity. Loved it!

I loved this series. (Dank!!!) I loved how it ended in ceaseless, but I am a sucker for a happy endings.

I loved it. I was glad it got wrapped up nicely, with the ending I wanted. I thought it was short, but got everything covered. I found it interesting that in the first 2 books, and the Leif extra, that it had no sex at all. Then BAM sex in the third book. Which I don't mind, I just found it interesting. Maybe it was due to the transition from HS to Uni?? Or maybe it is due to all the new sex in books hype. I liked it. Loved the series. Death deserved to be happy! Only wish there would have been some sort of explanation about why she was not interested in her soulmate and "drawn" to Death. I mean Miranda was super "drawn" to her soulmate, so why not Pagan? Just curious, really don't care tho :-)

I liked it . . .pagan growing up and them consummating their relationship brought it all to a conclusion . .but the whole Leif situation was left hanging and I agree that it was never explained why Pagan wasn't drawn to Jay . . .but its Dank so who cares right???!!! . . it was what it was!! pure escapism and it was GOOD!!!!
What else should I read by abbi???

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Kim Smith If you like Abbi's writing and are open to something not paranormal then read The Vincent Boys; it is one of the best books I've read in a really long ...more
Oct 18, 2012 10:19AM

I loved the whole series and this book in particular. I felt the ending could have been more drawn out. I was hoping that pagan would spend more time with jay and death would fight a little harder for her. With the broach it was to fast after that she instantly remembered and then it was over. Sigh. Maybe I just really didn't want the book to end. Kudos to Abbi this was well done.

I LOVED the end to this series! I couldn't get over how great it was! So far, I've read every Abbi book out, and this is one of my favourites! My only complaint: It was to short!

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