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Thicker Than Water by Janet Majerus

After nearly losing her life because of her unsolicited involvement in a recent murder case, Jessie vows to mind her own business this time. However, in Thicker Than Water, Jessie again fails and finds herself in the middle of a web of family intrigue that stretches back four generations.

When Fred Kroner died, he left his millions to a long-lost niece, Johanna Kroner, that no one knew existed. This ignites a fierce family battle. The bequest includes a reward to the person who locates the niece. In case she cannot be found or is proven dead, Fred’s nephew and a televangelist will split the spoils.

A badly charred body of a female with a bullet hole through her forehead is found in the ashes of the old homestead after it had been deliberately torched. A driver’s license issued in the name of Johanna Kroner is found at the scene.

Is the body really Johanna? If so, why was she in the supposedly empty house? If not, who is the dead woman, and why was she shot? And why the deception? Could it be the work of one of the backup legatees, the nephew or the reverend. The questions continue to multiply. Jessie’s work is cut out for her.

About Author Janet Majerus:

Janet Majerus grew up in Quincy, Illinois, a beautiful old river town on the bluffs of the Mississippi. After graduating from the University of Illinois-Champaign Urbana, she started a career as a science editor, first with a scientific publishing house and then free lance. Tiring of correcting other people’s manuscripts, she decided to try her hand at writing fiction. The result was her first novel, Grandpa and Frank.

“I was extraordinarily successful–hard back, paper back, large print, and a movie,” Janet said. “The movie, Home to Stay, a CBS television feature, was the frosting on the cake, particularly when I found out that Henry Fonda would play Grandpa. Then the drought hit and, except for a short story, I could not get anything else published.” Grandpa and Frank will be released in ebook format from Untreed Reads in 2013.

It was then that Janet completely changed her career path again and decided to devote her time to public service in University City, Missouri, a city of 40,000 people and a suburb of St. Louis. “I started out on the Traffic Commission then moved on the Planning and Zoning Commission. It was after that experience that I decided to run for elective office,” she said.

Janet was elected to the six-member City Council, but soon decided to run for mayor. Her tenure as mayor lasted for ten years. “It was an exciting, but exhausting time, and after ten years of phone calls, meetings, and political machinations, I was ready to step down.”

The result was a return to her early love of writing fiction and a published murder mystery, The Best Laid Plans and the second mystery in the series, Thicker Than Water. Both have been released in ebook format by Untreed Reads.

“I’ve often been asked why I changed genres from a family story to murder mysteries,” she laughed. “My experience in politics taught me a lot about intrigue, plots, misleading statements, and half truths. Seemed a shame not to use that experience.”

How to Purchase Thicker Than Water:

Thicker Than Water is $4.99 from The Untreed Reads Store. When you purchase from our store, you receive five of the most popular formats all for the same price: EPUB (compatible with Nook and most other readers), HTML, MOBI (for Kindle devices) and PDF.

You’ll also find the titles at virtually every ebook retailer around the world including Amazon, B&N and Apple’s iBookstore. Through September 30th, you’ll find this title on sale at these retailers as well.

If the title hasn’t arrived at your favorite retailer, it soon will! It sometimes takes our retailers a few weeks to process new titles.

Untreed Reads ebook titles are also available for sale to public libraries through our distributor Overdrive. If you’d like to see our titles available for electronic checkout at your local library, please let them know.

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Chris Bauer (chrisbauerattnet) | 9 comments Sounds like a solid, enjoyable, classic mystery--It's on my list.

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