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Daniel Abraham Is Right On (in i09 article)

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message 1: by library_jim (new)

library_jim | 212 comments Here's a great article for you guys to chew over:

It's interesting to think about but I agree with Abraham's take at the end and I thought he and his co-writer did a good job in Leviathan Wakes making it plausible without dwelling on the science. But I'm sure you guys will have more to say on this...

message 2: by Neil (new)

Neil | 165 comments This was a good article.
Perhaps it is slightly unfortunate that it came out at the same time as an article that says that faster than light travel may be more possible than we previously thought. This kind of messes with the idea behind 'mundane' space operas sticking to the boundaries 'real' laws of physics put in place when we don't really know where the boundaries are.

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