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message 1: by Alki (new)

Alki Nea | 5 comments Hello fellow authors,

I'd like to introduce Alkinea, a new ebook formatting software that takes a LibreOffice document and converts it to Kindle and ePub.
What it does:

- Very straightforward to use. There aren't any complex options.
- No need to learn HTML/CSS as all the editing can be done in LibreOffice. In fact, the same file can be used for publishing in print and as an ebook.
- Automatically creates a Table of Content. The Kindle version allows to navigate from one chapter to the next.
- Front and back matter is automatically added to the Table of Content.
- Fonts can be embedded, for both epub and kindle (only use this option with free fonts that allow embedding in ebooks.)
- Fancy heading. Chapter's titles often use fancy fonts. This adds to the pleasure of reading. Sometimes fonts cannot be legally embedded, even when purchasing it. Alkinea offers the option to convert all headings to pictures that can be legally displayed in the ebook.
- Drop caps. Alkinea converts drop caps. If a special font is used for the drop cap, it can be converted to a picture.
- It uses Kindlegen as a final step of the conversion, ensuring that the ebook is accepted by Amazon for publishing through KDP.
- Images are converted when necessary to supported formats. Images can be attached to either a paragraph or a character with or without wrapping.
- Cover image is added in the epub format, disabled in kindle (Amazon's requirement.)
- Converts indents, justification, space above and under paragraphs, etc.
- Very fast
- Templates are provided. Shows how to use styles and how to include front and back matter.
- Links to chapters: easily create "choose-your-own-path" type of adventure books.
- Available for Windows and OS X, soon on Linux.
- Free, both for personal and commercial use.

I hope it will help other authors to craft beautiful ebooks that are attractive and inviting.
It's still in beta. Comments / suggestions are more than welcome!


message 2: by Shamica (new)

Shamica M Anderson | 4 comments Thank you soo much. I wonder if I'll be able to use it.

message 3: by Alki (new)

Alki Nea | 5 comments We released a new version after tweaking it with a few authors. It does a better job now with wrapped images, page breaks, fonts and indents.

I'll add a page on the website showcasing ebooks that used this software (read: free promotion!)

message 4: by Terry (last edited May 19, 2016 09:49AM) (new)

Terry Carroll Have you considered releasing this as open source? I think you might get more enhancements that way; for instance, it would be nice to have a command-line version.

I notice that every time the program starts, it makes an internet connection to, port 61391. What's up with that? (Another good reason to make it open source; an undocumented network connection makes it look like spyware.)

Great program, by the way.

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