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Jody Kihara (jodykihara) | 169 comments Hi everyone,
My latest YA novel, SWITCHING, is being released this months, and I’m looking for bloggers who’d be interested in reviewing it within the next couple of months. If you have a book review blog (books only, not books and all kinds of other stuff) with more than 100 followers, accept e-books for review (print version isn’t ready yet), and would be interested in reviewing, please message me here at Goodreads or at Here’s the synopsis, and you can read a preview of the first few chapters at

Every week or two, Terry wakes up in a different time. She’s been ‘switching’ ― that’s her word for time traveling ― for the past eight months, and she has no recollection of her life before then. She doesn’t know who she is, why she’s time traveling, how to get home, or even when home is.

Then Terry meets some fellow travelers and finds out she’s not alone… and that there might be a way to get home. But the others have their own agendas, and Terry needs to be careful where she places her trust. She finds herself falling for one traveler, but a terrible secret bars his way home. Another traveler is growing desperate, and he doesn’t care who he uses in his attempt to get home… even if it puts them all in danger. Can Terry find a way home before he tries something dangerous? Or will he prevent her from getting home at all?

Jody K

Terry (Ter05 TwiMoms/ MundieMoms) (ter05) | 374 comments Oh, cool. You used my name. LOL

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Jody Kihara (jodykihara) | 169 comments Glad there are other Terry-with-a-Y gals out there! :)

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