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Nusrat Sultana (nusratsultana) | 1 comments Hello! I can't wait to read "Silver Lake", it sounds absolutely amazing. I'd really like to know how you went about the publishing process. How long did it take? Did you ever get discouraged or keep going?

Silver Lake

Kathryn Knight

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Kathryn Knight | 1 comments Mod
Hi Nusrat, thanks for your question! I started writing Silver Lake in the spring of 2008, after having had the story made up in my head for years. It was difficult to sometimes find the time or motivation to continue on with a project so full of uncertainty (would I finish, would I ever get published, would readers like it?) - but it was my dream, and I kept going and finished in 2 1/2 years. Then it took me another year to send out query letters, do re-writes, edits, etc. The inevitable rejections did discourage me, but I tried to use any critical feedback as a means to improve my writing and the story. The wonderful editors at my publisher liked the story enough to keep suggesting ways to improve it, so that gave me the determination to keep at it, and eventually I was offered the contract. My advice to writers is don't give up on your dream! I hope you enjoy Silver Lake, I'm happy to answer any other questions you may have.

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