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Patrick I saw this and was really excited, though I obviously have my questions. I don't think it will transfer that well to film; this is certainly something that is better on the page. Plus the idea that every episode is only 5-10 minutes, I don't know how The Dead could be that short, or some other ones like maybe An Encounter.

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Jon Dubliners is a series of sketches, some bitter, some sad, but few of them have the ability to translate well to the screen without having to dumb them down. The longest, most dramatic story (relatively speaking) has already been adapted. John Houston's last movie was an adaptation of 'The Dead"

Patrick Did you see it? I've always wanted to.

Feliks Agrimorfee wrote: "http://www.screendaily.com/news/daly-..."

My question: who for? What possible audience is left for a film like this? Twenty people somewhere in London?

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Jon Kevin wrote: "There's an audience for a film like that for sure, Feliks. I would certainly go see a film like this, unless it were made by Baz Luhrman.
Houston's "The Dead" is certainly the best adaptation of a..."

I love "The Dead" and rented Houston's version just the other day. I was impressed with how well it was done, but I agree the voice over left a lot to be desired. The closing paragraph is one of my favorite bits of literature and I can't really think of any other way they could have included it without resorting to the gimmick of the voice over.

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Feliks No, I resent being thrown a sop like this when 99.9% of all the other movies they produce deliberately disenfranchise the minority of potential attendees for a film like this. We're what they consider a 'niche audience'; which in every other wise, they disrespect. Bah. We've been sacrificed on their altar of dollars.

Philip Cartwright I hear Micheal Bay is set to direct it. And it'll be in 3D. And as a great tie-in Apple are developing a Sims-style game version downloadable to your iPhone.

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