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Delmar H. Dolbier I'm afraid that this story just didn't make much sense to me.
1. The Americans agreed to save Adolf Hitler's life if the Germans would join them in an invasion of the Soviet Union. The Americans carried out their part; what happened to the invasion?
2. If the point was to destroy the papers, why go to all the trouble of removing the Junkers? They were taking it to Argentina. Why?
3. The U.S. Army takes over the U.S. embassy and sends the ambassador packing. The State Department does nothing.
4. Two people have an extended conversation in an un-pressurized aircraft cabin at 35,000 feet. What did they use for oxygen?
And so on...

Zirk With you on this. It's just a bad book on many levels. I wouldn't have finished it if I weren't cooped up on a long flight.

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