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Ingrid | 928 comments Mod
Listen to these rules. But remember to have fun. (And READING these RULES do not count!)


1. For this Read and Feed Night this activity will start in the middle of every month. It will start from the fifteenth to the twenty second of every month.
Ex: September 15th-September 22,2012

2. The goal is to read AS MANY BOOKS as possible during this week. You can read nurseries, folktales, novels, short stories, manuscripts, essays, manuals, cookbooks, and anything else. BUT IT HAS TO BE ON PAPER.
Ex: you can't read street signs or nametags.
but you can read a mystery book.

3. You must record how many books you read on each day and how many pages you read a night. But we mods will create your topic so you can post your progress
Ex: September Fifteenth
Read "The Haunting" by Molley Hartley (include author)
read how many pages today.
Goal to finish it by: September 16
Progression: Pending

4. You may have a goal to finish one or more books on the SAME day.
Goal to finish book: September 15th
Finished/progression: September 15th

5. There is no limit to how many pages you can read. But it has to be a minimum of 30 pages.

6. You must finish reading the number of books you are reading by midnight of September 22nd. You may not finish reading your book/books after that.

7. You are allowed, if you want, to finish your book before, but it will lower your score.

8. You cannot reread a book that you have read WITHIN that week. Books that you have read years ago are accepted, but no SKIMMING pages.

9. Have fun with it. Be sure to record in your log or you will not get credit and we cannot prize you!


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