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message 1: by Gary (new)

Gary Murning | 46 comments Okay, I'm new to the group and—in the spirit of supporting fellow authors, while also hopefully finding fresh and challenging fiction I might otherwise have missed—I'd like to check out some of the group authors' work. I generally like fiction that falls more towards the literary end of the spectrum, but enjoy anything that is entertaining AND thought-provoking. Any suggestions where best to start?

message 2: by Kath (new)

Kath Middleton | 25063 comments If you want literary there's one of our featured books this month - Watching Swifts by RJ Askew.

Also the Survival of Thomas Ford by John A A Logan - beautifully written.

Dark, Gothic literary fiction has to be Cornelius Harker and his Words to the Wise Saga - 2 parts out already -

There are many more but any of the books in our monthly selections will give you a good read - there are past books in the archive.

message 3: by Gary (new)

Gary Murning | 46 comments Thank you, Ignite :-) The Survival of Thomas Ford downloaded, with samples of the others you mentioned.

message 4: by Kath (last edited Sep 16, 2012 03:04AM) (new)

Kath Middleton | 25063 comments I do love to read an author who can use language to make pictures in my head - all of the above do that!
Of course, ask another reader and you'll get a different list!

message 5: by Gary (new)

Gary Murning | 46 comments That's the beauty of groups like this, though, isn't it? :-) And Survival sounds right up my street. Looking forward to it (though I have Salman Rushdie's memoir I simply must read first!)

And, yes, a skilful use of language is something I love, too.

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