Forged in Death (The Death Wizard Chronicles, #1) Forged in Death question

Does length matter?
Jim Melvin Jim Sep 15, 2012 03:46PM
Just as an FYI: The Death Wizard Chronicles, my six-book epic fantasy, is about 670,000 words -- much longer than LOTR, but MUCH shorter than, say, A Song of Ice and Fire.

Book 1 titled Forged In Death is the shortest book of the series, though even the longest one is only about 130,000 words. As fans of epic fantasy, do you prefer the monster 300,000-word novels? Or are the shorter, around 100K fantasy novels more to your liking?

The length of a book is really only a factor if the writing or story are shaky. I find myself much more forgiving if the book is relatively short, but, if you hand me a mammoth-sized work, you had better be able to deliver the goods.

Jim Melvin Christine: Yes, I agree. To be honest, The Death Wizard Chronicles is really just one book broken into six parts. Overall, it is about 700,000 words, ...more
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