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message 1: by Valeria (new)

Valeria (happiest-girl) | 1 comments I started editing my fav. Russian author Max Frei, when I found one more entry with the same author spelled in cyrillic/Russian alphabet.
Frankly speaking, this cyrillic one doesn't have as nice a bibliography as the Latin/English Max Frei version. There are mostly duplicates of books which are already posted as Max Frei.
If I understand correctly: 1 author - 1 entry.

Question 1: How can I delete the author entry and the bibliography? Can the changes be done painlessly?

Question 2: Can we give a name in 2 alphabets in a single entry so people would find it and not create duplicates?

Question 3: Please, suggest what has to be done to straighten this up.

message 2: by Lacrima_Atra (last edited Sep 16, 2012 12:08PM) (new)

Lacrima_Atra | 98 comments

I'm referring you especially to message 15 of this link, it is much clearer than any explanation, I've just tried to come up with ;-)

I'm sure I've seen another thread, where this issue has been discussed, I just couldn't find it right now...

message 3: by Banjomike (new)

Banjomike | 5530 comments I think we keep the original version of names because people with cyrillic keyboards, or arabic keyboards, or whatever keyboards, are most likely to type the name of an author using their favorite language so Макс Фрай (for Max Frei) is OK. If we combined the authors (don't do it) then someone would recreate it within a few days.

Your question 2 would probably not prevent these Макс Фрай records since most people would search for a book, not find it, and then add it using their version of the author. That is why Goodreads is home to so many duplicate authors. That and the fact that most people cannot spell or read names properly.

If you wanted to, you could improve the Макс Фрай profile with a proper Russian blurb and a link to the Max Frei Goodreads page using the same photo.

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