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C.P. (cpklapper) | 1 comments I was in love. Actually, I still am in love with the same lady. The sonnets were written with the full fervor of that love and at a torrid pace. It started on a business trip to Boston, providing technical assistance at a trade show. I had a pad of paper from the hotel I was staying at which I brought with me and, during the many lulls, I wrote sonnets. The sonnets fit nicely onto the paper and the pad fit neatly into my pocket. As time allowed, I typed each poem up and posted them online as well as saved them in files. While still on that trip, I came across an online version of "Sonnets from the Portuguese" and, since my love is partly Hispanic, the thought of a book and its title clearly presented itself. I continued writing the sonnets at a rapid pace after the trip, still thoroughly inspired by my Muse. After a couple of months of impassioned writing and a small amount of editing, I had completed the sonnets in the book. From there, it took only a little cover design, writing a suitable dedication and completing some administrative tasks before I had copies of "Sonnets for the Spanish" in hand.

Sonnets for the Spanish by C.P. Klapper

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Brooke | 1 comments I would love a copy I have misplaced the one given to me by the author...

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