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Celebration of Discipline: The Path to Spiritual Growth
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Non Anglican Authors > Chapter 7 The Discipline of Solitude

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Karen L. Here is the spot to post your thoughts on the chapter about solitude.

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Skylar Burris (skylarburris) | 134 comments These days in my life solitude is not a's a rare commodity.

Karen L. Skylar wrote: "These days in my life solitude is not a's a rare commodity."

:) I remember those days.

Karen L. In an earlier thread with this book discussion, I mentioned that in our church Spiritual Formation class we are discussing this book.Last Sunday we discussed what the meaning of solitude was and how that when we were in our times of solitude we found ourselves doing other spiritual disciplines, such as meditating or praying, when solitude is simply being still and quiet in God's presence. So often we want to "do," when God simply wants us to be still and listen.

Charity True that. My mother's country Quaker meetinghouse provided a quiet time when I was young & forgot my hat for (RC) church. I learnt to sit and listen. Living in the country next to a river didn't hurt either.
I often mention to my spouse that he is a charter member of "OA"- Overacheivers Anonymous (madeup).

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