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John Karr (karr) | 70 comments Mod
Horror works

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John Karr (karr) | 70 comments Mod Ujahwek by John A. Karr

As God created Man in His own image, so too did Lucifer create the Ujahwek to prey upon the fleshed manifestations of his enemy.

For years Randall Montgomery swung a sledgehammer in a coal mine, as if pitting himself against a mountain would replenish a soul depleted by the Civil and Indian Wars. With the onset of black lung and middle age, he journeys west to visit an old army buddy before starting life anew. Instead of a friendly reunion, he finds a burgeoning terror last encountered in North America by early humans. A threat bent on claiming all who draw breath in the Wyoming Territories.

For ages the dark spirits of the once-feared Ujahwek have waited, ravenous and expectant ... until a banished female shaman of the Blackfoot tribe is drawn to Skull Cliff in the Owl Creek Mountains. The shaman embraces the spirit of Xotaena, Ujahwek high priestess, and unleashes the means to resurrect the unholy species. Immediately they hunt their prey: humans. Xotaena selects Randall Montgomery for possession with the soul of her mate. To survive he must battle in both the physical and mental realms, or get dragged into the depths of humanity lost.

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Barry James (mondragoran) | 1 comments Dreams of Darkness
Dreams of Darkness by Barry James

Jordan Hanson discovers that his parents, who worshiped an entity known as the Mondragoran, had created him for only one purpose: to act as the vessel for the Mondragoran’s version of the Antichrist–-the Child of Shadows. His death during a bank robbery triggers this transformation, but Jordan does not give in as easily as the Mondragoran had hoped. With the help of the “cousin” who raised him (actually a white witch, whose coven had killed his parents and tried to kill him), his bookish boss (who turns out to be a self-taught expert in the occult), and the legendary and immortal Comte de St.-Germain, Jordan seeks the truth about his new semi-demonic nature and eventually battles both the Mondragoran and the Child of Shadows residing within him.

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John Karr (karr) | 70 comments Mod
Moderator setup faux pas ... I've created folders and moved this thread there. Feel free to re-post works individually under the appropriate Header.

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Sam Kates Hi. I'm new to this group and still feeling my way around GR. Currently I feel like a complete doofus since I have no idea how to start a new thread under Horror for my novel. Can anyone help?

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