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The impact books have on decision making
Heather Dent Heather Sep 15, 2012 01:42PM
Has a book ever helped you find your answer to a really difficult decision?

John Steinbeck's "Of Mice and Men." helped me recently as I tried to decide whether or not it was time to put our old family dog,Belle, down to rest. Belle has been suffering with a hip problem, is deaf, and going blind, but I didn't want to put her down because my instincts told me to cling to life as long as possible. I was reading his book, and came to the part where Candy finally allowed his dog to be put down. It was as if the book was speaking to me. I know that it's probably coincidence that I happened to read this book while making this decision, nevertheless, it did affect my choice. I have informed my dad that I would like Belle to be put out of her misery.

I would love to hear other stories. Books that impacted decisions. Words are powerful tools.

I don't know if a book has helped me make a decision, but many books have influenced how I look at events going on around me. Reading Lolita in Tehran can make you understand the importance of our basic freedoms and what happens if we do not respect those freedoms or other people around us. Reading a variety of books can help expand your experience into other people's thinking as well.

Outlive your Life has influenced me to reach out and make my life count for more. Max Lucado is a very inspirational writer.

Sometimes life can be so bittersweet.

deleted member Sep 29, 2012 01:50PM   0 votes
I can't think of any specific book that's impacted a decision, but I definitely think all the fantasy I read as a child has influenced my very black and white moral view.

Reading books is part of ones socialization or enculturation if you wish. So they do definitely have an effect on ones decision making process. Of Mice and Men is a morality play so if it did effect you it's likely it influenced your moral judgment. But then again there's no telling what, if anything, a given person will get from a given book.

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