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message 1: by Narzain (new)

Narzain | 194 comments This is something that's been perculating for a while, so please bear with me.

When a perspective or cause is valued enough to have a voice raised in its behalf, that voice is worthwhile. And if it's worth raising one voice, it's worth two voices, or five, or a dozen, or a hundred, and so on. And each and every one of those voices is as valid and valuable as every other voice. Some may speak louder, some more softly. Some draw from broader experiences, some from deep tragedy. And many will have similar things to say. This is to be expected; after all, it's a unity of purpose and perspective that draws them together in the first place. This is a wonderful thing, strength in numbers.

There is a drawback, however. From time to time, one of those voices may feel that what they have to say has been said before, said better, so what's the point? This is an insidious matter, because on the surface it seems to make sense. After all, what's one voice less out of so many?

I defy that idea. What if thousands of people had said "sure, nonviolent resistance is a great idea, but Gandhi already said it better," and backed away from standing up for their beliefs? I'm not sure, but the world would probably not be a better place. Just because someone else already said what you believe, it does not invalidate what you have to say on the matter. And who 'said it better' or 'has more room to talk' is, frankly, irrelevant. What matters is saying what needs to be said, and the more voices that are raised together, the better.

Am I belaboring the point? Probably, but that sort of IS the point. In our own ways, we're fighting the good fight here, and no fight was ever hurt by extra reinforcements.

But that's just my perspective. Peace.

message 2: by Kim, Proud Queen of the Fat and Fabulous! (new)

Kim (mrsnesbitt) | 1031 comments Mod
I need to clarify the above post. Yes, this works on a general level, but it is mostly directed at me. You see,yet again I let my own doubts about how much of a difference I make with this group while reading a book called "Fat!So?" (see our shelves for more info) and I felt that the author,like member Kim B., had said everything better than I can or could ever say and why should I bother to say anymore.

I am human and therefore given to fits of doubt like any other human out there. I am not the most assured person as I do not get to see results of my words like I do with swimming. I hope that I have given those who are lurking with the intent of humor at the expense of the fatties something to think about, and those who lurk but are not ready to join, some support and encouragement.

Going forward, I am going to keep these above words in mind as Gandhi is one of my life heroes along with Dr. King who was also one voice of many speaking out for an injustice. He did not say somebody else said it better so I will remain silent and let someone else march on Washington.

No one may remember what I say word for word, but maybe they will recall the feeling they got knowing that SOMEBODY out there knew how they felt and took courage to be who they are.

Until we are all truly equal, we will never be truly free.

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