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message 1: by Belinda (new)

Belinda Rule (belindarule) | 15 comments The American poet/academic John Leonard is a different person from the Australian poetry anthologist John Leonard.

Discovered this while I was adding this: which is edited by Australian John Leonard. I handled it by making a new author record for it: John^^^^^Leonard.

The following books currently attributed to American John Leonard are definitely Australian John Leonard (may not be exhaustive):

Basis of my info about Australian John Leonard is: (see bottom of page for bio note)

Could you guys sort this out please? Many thanks.

message 2: by Vicky (new)

Vicky (librovert) | 2459 comments Yikes that was messy.

I think I got everything for John 5^ Leonard moved over. I also separated John 6^ Leonard who researches and teaches on Milton's poetry and John 7^ Leonard who is a different Australian Poet from your John 5^.

There are still a handful of books listed under John 1^ Leonard that shouldn't be there... but a dent was made!

message 3: by Beth (new)

Beth (bethjustbeth) | 1586 comments I knew there was a reason I didn't name my kids "John."

message 4: by Belinda (new)

Belinda Rule (belindarule) | 15 comments Wow, Vicky, you're a machine! Thanks.

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