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Does anyone else hate Zoey?
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Reasons why I detest her:
1. She keeps hitting on Stark (who she DOES NOT deserve in any way). NO ONE EXCEPT ME (and, okay, maybe some of my fellow readers) CAN HIT ON STARK!
2. She's a major Mary Sue.
3. She had sex with Loren Blake while she was dating Erik AND Heath! If that isn't dirty and mean I don't know what is!
4. She ALWAYS gets EVERYTHING she wants, no payment required! (And deserves none of it.)
5. She's a tart. (See #3.)
6. She doesn't know the difference between love and lust.
7. About a bazillion other reasons....

What are YOUR reasons for hating her?

I think the show is all about her and how special he is with her darn gifts. Then she can go make huge mistakes and is like forgiven. Too many people die because of her and she just like cries about it like a flippin two year old. Then every like is like poor Zoey and t like the person never died. She has every boy after her and she never acknowledges them. I mean come on selfish much?

I can't say how much or why I hate Zoey, but I hate to talk about her and write about her.

(Hopeing she dies in the end, then I'm gonna scream of happines. Even though we all know that's not gonna happen, sadly.)


Yah me too

Oh, I hate her enough to give up on this series. Although its not like me to leave something in a middle. But I COULD NOT stand her at all.

I may be the only one but I think the character developing in these series SUCKS. The boys don't finish coming,zoey never really makes a descision about any of them so the writers just keep adding to her love interests! it was like Erik,Heath,Loren,Stark...HOW MANY MORE DOES SHE NEED?!
And basically every character is awful except Stark,jesus...

there's nothing to like bout her. she just cant decide.

i like all of them

i agree , why is it that no one in thies books can swear properley?

i hate everything about thies books. the story, the characters, the language. everything.

Amina Aden yh twyla
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I don't like Zoey - I used to, when she was new to the world and confused as anyone else would be when gifted with such power - but then I think character development on her part fell a bit flat and you end up with her being plain and boring. I don't say that because I don't like her, but I do believe her character held a lot more potential in the beginning of the series.

Personally, I now much prefer the other characters in the books. The ones that have more characterisation and depth, like Aphrodite, for example.

Still enjoy the story though. Definitely a good series in my opinion.

The main reason i hate Zoey is because of how hard she's pushed on the reader as being just so "omg special and perfect". I hate how they try to make Zoey funny and interesting but it fails completely, she is so mindblowingly stupid,vapid and obnoxious. I would love for the series ending to be Nyx killing everyone with Zoey first and dying a very deserved death.

Zoey annoyed me so much I stopped reading the series. I think she's the worst main character I have ever read. She is a slut, cant make up her mind about anything, selfish, annoying and the list could keep going.

Bethany Frost I have to agree with this. I stopped reading the series. The first novel was great, and I really loved Zoey's character, but then it's like they were ...more
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I agree with you, I like all the characters and I also think the story is very well written, I don't know why people would hate the main character but if you do then why read the book? I mean if Zoey is taken out of the story then Evil will defeat good. I mean yeah that would be a pretty odd twist to the story but it's not usually done so why not? but it's also good without the twist. I like all the Characters and I Love the story, I think it's very well written and I love how it ends, I have read all the books and they are personally one of my favorite series, If you don't like the characters then why read the book in the first place? The characters are an important part of the book so why read it if you don't even like them? I mean it's just my opinion but I don't see the point of hating Zoey she's a fictional character, in a book.

I like Zoey! I think she's an excellent leader, but i like Stevie Rae more.

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