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Solace Winter (solacewinter) | 3 comments I am an avid reader of pretty much anything, though I tend to stay away from heavy sci-fi (as in the ones that are too technical. Novels like anything from Michael R. Hicks in the sci-fi genre is more my cup of tea). I forewarn all romance authors that I'm particularly hard on those types of books, though, because when I see potential for an interesting story that goes to the wayside for a vanilla romance between the white knight and the heroine of taste this week I get a bit angry. Of course, that's one thing I tend to do in my reviews is dissect, and do it with the utmost respect. I love every author for what they do and would prefer for them to learn from what I find than take it as blind hatred of a novel.

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Matthew McFarland (matthewwmcfarland) | 15 comments Hi Solace,

can I interest you in my book?

Fifty/Fifty and other stories

message 3: by Solace (new)

Solace Winter (solacewinter) | 3 comments Sounds like my kind of book!

message 4: by Matthew (new)

Matthew McFarland (matthewwmcfarland) | 15 comments well then PM me your email address and i'll send you a copy for review!

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