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If you could be part of a Wizarding family...
Fanzura Fanzura (last edited Sep 15, 2012 08:17AM ) Sep 14, 2012 09:28PM
Yep! If you could be part of a Wizarding family, which one would it be? and why?
eg. The Potters, Weasley, Longbottom, Peverall, Black, Malfoy, Dumbledore...etc.

I would so definitely be part of the Black Family. i mean come on! they have their own motto and crest!!. its tojour pur. Always pure

The Weasleys! who doesnt want to be a ginge ;) hahah i love them!

The Lovegoods. They`re just so weird that it`s funny.

Definitely the Weasleys! I love a big family and it would be so much fun to live in the burrow. And then you also have the Potters and the Delacours as your extended family :)

Avani Yep :) and he has tons of relatives and in-laws to socialize with, so it's all good! ...more
Sep 15, 2012 04:35PM

the malfoys!!!!!!!!!!!!!

deleted member Sep 24, 2012 05:15PM   0 votes

Hey, send Charlie my way, and I will definetley get his mind off dragons long enough=}

The Weasleys, easiest answer, I love them to bunches. The way they welcomed Harry and Hermione like they have always been part of the family, it was precious.

Nikhat (last edited Oct 01, 2012 01:31AM ) Oct 01, 2012 01:31AM   0 votes
The Weasleys because there are the prefect family.
I'm an only child, so I would definitely not want to miss out on some sibling love! :D

The Weasleys would be great but I think that Luna would make a lovely sister.


The Weasleys

Weasleys of course, they look like so much fun :D

Either the Pottors, Weasley's or Black's. I love all of those families, and while i think being related to Hermonie would still be fantastic.. Harry Potters like a dream big brother.

Okay so just going to be main stream, the Weasleys ^^
Who doesn't wanna be a ginger? Also I would love to live in the Burrow, it seems like so much fun. Also I wouldn't mind the adorkable sweaters Mrs. Weasley makes.

the lovegood's, it would be amazing living in so a weird house :)

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Black's or Malfoy's

First choice would be the Grangers. Studying might not be the funnest, but when you have someone like Hermione as a friend, it's all great.

Evly (last edited Sep 17, 2012 03:37PM ) Sep 17, 2012 03:37PM   0 votes
Ummm, potter, longbottom or black. I would love to be related to harry, neville or sirius
~Evly W.

Avani (last edited Sep 15, 2012 08:04AM ) Sep 15, 2012 07:58AM   0 votes
The Weasleys. They're a great family. Also, although the Malfoys wouldn't be very pleasant to live with, it would be nice to give Draco some company :)

Jeni (last edited Sep 18, 2012 05:37AM ) Sep 17, 2012 11:17AM   0 votes
I would be proud to be a Longbottom, actually. They are a pure-blood family that go back many generations with wonderful witches and wizards.

weasleys or potters, but im leaning more toward the weasleys.

Jannie (last edited Nov 10, 2012 04:58PM ) Nov 10, 2012 04:58PM   0 votes
Grangers and Weasleys.

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i would say longbottom but then i couldn't have neville :) the weasleys would be my second choice. i think it also would be nice to be a black. like the good guy in a crime family. fun :)

The Potters or the Weasley! I'm a Gryffindor girl all the way!

Weasleys because they are AWESOME and every member is extremely unique :)

The Potters because I just love them.

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The Weasleys of course! They're one big happy family. like full house lol.

the weasleys because i would want to be hermiones daughter because she would teach me how to be a good wizard

Jannie Huang I agree. :)
Nov 13, 2012 05:04PM

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