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Most of the books are still read-worthy.

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Melissa Lillian walked through the dusty library, scanning the shelves. Her boot heel sank into the carpet as she took a step, she looked down and grimaced at the soggy mess she had just stepped into. Looking back up Lillian turned so she could walk between the shelves, still searching.

"Ah hah, here it is." Lillian smiled smugly as she reached out and grabbed a book off the shelf. She cradled the book in one hand as she opened it, turning the pages as delicately as possible. All her previous hopes disintegrated as the worn old pages crumbled into dust. Lillian cursed and threw the book across the library, not caring if it hit anything.

She stomped towards the library's exit and unfurled her wings, taking off as soon as she threw the door open.

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