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message 1: by Tien (last edited Feb 09, 2009 07:36PM) (new)

Tien (tiensblurb) | 8678 comments Mod
First Round of Reporting:

1. the number of books you've read between 1 - 5 February; and
2. the number of shelves you've 'touched'

The Ladder so far (10 Feb 2009):

Luann: 75 shelves with 9 books
Amanda: 68 shelves with 2 books
Mel: 63 shelves with 1 book
Stephanie: 62 shelves with 1 book
Cam: 59 shelves with 2 books
Jon: 43 shelves with 4 books
Angie: 42 shelves with 2 books
Lynlee: 40 shelves with 1 book
Sarah: 39 shelves with 1 book
Lauren: 32 shelves with 1 book
Andrew: 29 shelves with 1 book
Jen: 26 shelves with 1 book
Betty: 24 shelves with 1 book
Joanie: 1 shelf with 1 book

message 2: by Jon (last edited Feb 05, 2009 01:29AM) (new)

Jon yay i get to christen the scoreboard. A rather modest total, some of mine were a bit random and unpopular

1. 4 Books read
2. 43 Shelves touched

message 3: by Andrew (new)

Andrew (sir_reads_a_lot) 1. 1 book read
2. 29 shelves touched

message 4: by Laura (new)

Laura (apenandzen) OMG Jon - 4 books read ??? 4 books read???

I just realized that although I've been doing a ton of reading, I read more than book at once, and so I haven't actually finished any books yet. Maybe by the weekend I'll have something to report.

Good luck to everyone! I am really enjoying this challenge.

message 5: by Jen B (new)

Jen B (jennybee618) Wow - 4 books!! I think even if I had a week's vacation I wouldn't be able to read 4 books in a week! :)

1. 1 book read
2. 12 shelves touched

message 6: by Jon (last edited Feb 05, 2009 05:40AM) (new)

Jon they were pretty short ones i must say.. i dont always go that quick dont worry! plus i have no life at present..

message 7: by Melissa (last edited Feb 05, 2009 07:36AM) (new)

Melissa (melitious) This seems like a high number for me, but it's a popular book, so . . .

1. One book read (Eclipse)
2. 63 shelves touched

message 8: by Cam (new)

Cam I can see that very shortly it will be hard to find books that even give a double digit score. Great game Karen!
1. Two books read
2. 59 shelves touched

message 9: by Lauren (new)

Lauren | 247 comments Wow some quick readers in here!!

I have finished 1 book that touched 32 shelves.

message 10: by Betty (new)

Betty (nightreader) I'm a bit behind, had to go into town to the library and then I could only find one on my list of many; I'll be finished it in a couple of hours and then will find out how many shelves I touched. In the meantime I have read an "off" book this month too.

message 11: by Angie (new)

Angie (angiebowen) 1. 2 books read
2. 42 shelves touched

message 12: by Tien (new)

Tien (tiensblurb) | 8678 comments Mod
You guys are all doing really well!

I've checked how much shelves I've touched just for my interest - I've read 3 books since 1/2/09 and touched 53 shelves :)

message 13: by Lynlee4 (new)

Lynlee4 | 134 comments I'm so far behind already. Real life is getting in the way of my reading!

one book read/40 shelves touched

message 14: by Luann (new)

Luann (azbookgal) | 1006 comments Let me preface this by saying that I am a children's librarian so I read picture books quite often. I normally don't count picture books in the challenges and things here at GR, but there are shelves for them in this challenge so in they go. :) If you are going to hit all the shelves, you will all get to read some picture books, too.

9 books read
75 shelves touched

message 15: by Laura (new)

Laura (apenandzen) Karen wrote: "You guys are all doing really well!

I've checked how much shelves I've touched just for my interest - I've read 3 books since 1/2/09 and touched 53 shelves :)"

So you're not playing, Karen? And for the challenge, we only count books read from 2/1, right?

It's a fun game, I'm glad you came up with it!

message 16: by Jen B (new)

Jen B (jennybee618) Laura wrote: And for the challenge, we only count books read from 2/1, right?

Laura, I think Karen is using the Australian version of the date in her post (day first, then month)...I was confused for a second, too. But 1/2 is 1st of February...not January 2nd. I'd be so much further ahead if we were counting books since January 2nd! :)

message 17: by Laura (new)

Laura (apenandzen) Me too! Thx for clearing that up Jen.

message 18: by Joanie (new)

Joanie | 61 comments I read one book and touched 1 shelf-one, only one-how sad! I started reading this book before I joined the challenge so I didn't pick it thinking it was going to cover a lot of bases but still-sad!

message 19: by Amanda A (new)

Amanda A | 268 comments I read two books and touched 68 shelves.

message 20: by Betty (new)

Betty (nightreader) I wish there was a quicker way to find out how many shelves I've touched! I finished 1 book on Feb. 5, will have the total of touches soon.

message 21: by Betty (new)

Betty (nightreader) Feb. 1-5
1 book read
touched 24
I hope I'm doing it right!

message 22: by Lynlee4 (new)

Lynlee4 | 134 comments Karen has an awesome spreadsheet to use. It's made my life so much easier!

message 23: by Luann (new)

Luann (azbookgal) | 1006 comments I agree, Lynlee. If you are planning to read very many books at all that are on very many shelves, you NEED to use Karen's spreadsheet. It still takes time to check all the shelves, but MUCH LESS time than it would without the spreadsheet.

message 24: by Jen B (new)

Jen B (jennybee618) I agree - the spreadsheet is very helpful! It turns out I actually touched 26 shelves with my first book, not 12. Don't know how I was so far off before! Excel is not my forte!

message 25: by Tien (new)

Tien (tiensblurb) | 8678 comments Mod
I'm sort of playing but not officialy ;)

Thanks for clarifying the date!! I think from now on, I'll be typing the name of the month rather than the numerical month! :)

message 26: by Sarah (new)

Sarah | 286 comments 1 book
39 shelves

I've got a couple of days off so I might start catching up although I'm getting a bit of reading done in the tram on the way to work :)

message 27: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie Tuell (booksloveme) since i know my numbers won't change from now til today, here is my numbers for the 10th: 1 book, 62 shelves

message 28: by Cathy (new)

Cathy | 90 comments 1 Book - 62 shelves (hope I've got it right!)

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