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๖ۣۜƧilverlight Name:
Look Age:
Real Age:
Speacies:(Be Creative!)

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☯ ƒ ι η η у  ☯ | 19 comments Name:Keilyn Ann
Look Age:19
Real Age:90
Speacies:Revnant(view spoiler)
Personality:Keilyn is very up-beat and she loves to meet new people.Shes very open-minded about people and she always has a sweet,knee melting smile on her face.

Keilyn is very protective of the people she cares for and her 'family'.When their in their dormant stage,she will sit in their room the whole time.She would take a bullet for the ones she cares for and shes very caring.

She can be a bit sensitive at times if you wound her or if you bring up a touchy subject.She usually isnt,and she usually doesnt care what people think or say about her.

Overall,Keilyn is a very sweet,down to earth girl.She can be very smiley and talktive at times and at times she'll get very serious and protective.
~Super Strength
~Their a bit swifter and more agile than a human would be.
~Revenants are much more beautiful than regular humans,so their very persuasive.
Family:She doesnt have anyone really but a few other revenants that she knows,that are like family to her.

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☯ ƒ ι η η у  ☯ | 19 comments Name:Larkin Uos(ooo-ohs)
Look Age:20
Real Age:374
Species:Blood Incubus (view spoiler)
Personality:Larkin is the mysterious guy,who doesnt talk much but they will always give you that knee melting smile.Once Larkin lets you in,you'll learn that he isnt as mysterious as you thought.Hes actually pretty easy to figure out.Even though he is something bad,hes actually sweet and caring.He cares for the people around him,even though he doesnt know them.He hates what he is,and he wishes he could change it.
~Super Speed
~Super Strength
Family:Larkin has a whole line of family of Blood Incubuses.Before him and the younger generations are all Blood Incubuses.

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jueun (jueunkang) Name:Lydia Park

Look Age:17

Real Age:124


Species:Mist(view spoiler)


Personality:Lydia's a sweet girl, and bubbly. She has a tendency to be quite a gossiper, even though she tries to control it at times. Lydia also gets stressed very easily with her problems. She's never afraid to speak her mind out to the face, even if it hurts. Lydia also is a perfectionist. She'll totally freak out if nothing's in order. She doesn't believe in impossible either, saying that the word impossible itself says, "I'm Possible!" Lydia's the person who seems like she's the innocent with her charming smile and the perfect blond hair from Legally Blonde, but she's always up to something. Gossiping, spreading out rumors, but still. Besides all those things, she's a talkative and nice person, but she has a temper when people say stuff to her. And it won't ever leave her and she won't forgive and forget. It doesn't go that way. Ever. If only her parents taught her better.

Mainly the usual powers of the Mist:
~Fading into the mist when needed too
~Swiftness & Speed, higher than a normal human's
~Speaking into mortal's minds
~Able to be quieter than any other living thing on Earth like the other Mists while moving
~Skilled in fighting

Family:Her other siblings went off somewhere, away from her when they discovered she wasn't that normal like them. Her parents betrayed her and messed up her life, making her think she's nothing. But her parents are deceased now. But they never left her. She has nightmares about them often.

Other:(view spoiler)


Name:Kendall Dale

Look Age:18

Real Age:168


Species:Shape Shifter

Appearance:[image error]

Personality:Kendall's more of a bold guy, outspoken, speaking out his mind, and being lazy at times. He's very thoughtful, and independent also. He does get his revenge with others, but he doesn't HATE randomly on people that he shouldn't be hating on. He's just misunderstood at times by people when he shifts sometimes for instance. But yet, he has a temper. A big temper.

~Shift into any animal. A real animal. Nothing like a dragon or anything
~High IQ



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Sage of Souls (sageofsouls) | 260 comments Name: Kaigon
Age in Race's Terminology: 1,015 years
Age in Human Terminology: 31 years
Gender: Male
Species: Dragonkin

Class: Warrior

Appearance: http://www.deviantart.com/download/55...

Personality: Stubborn, Loyal, Honorable, and Self-reliant.

--Primary: None (Claws and Fangs).
--Primary: Has mithril scales and wears steel armor.
-----Primary Enhancements: Armor is enhanced with Arcane Magicks.

Powers: None.
Abilities: Has specially enhanced speed for his class and extremely high agility. Has inhuman strength and stamina. Is skilled in close-range and hand-to-hand combat. Is immune from being knocked unconscious by magical or physical means and all will-manipulating effects.

Lore: [Will Edit Later]

Other: Kaigon is a powerfuland honorable warrior. He able to take on almost anyone in close-combat and does whatever he can to protect those who are close to him.

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Sage of Souls (sageofsouls) | 260 comments Name: Lazreith
Age in Race's Terminology: 1,150 years
Age in Human Terminology: 33 in Human terminology
Gender: Male
Species: Dragonkin

Class: Magi

Appearance: http://www.worldearcane.com/discus/me...

Personality: Quiet, Distant, Cold, Self-reliant, and full of Despair.

--Primary: None (Magic).
--Primary: Wears a dark hooded cloak.
-----Primary Enhancements: Cloak is enhanced to be immune to the effects of Fire Magicks.

Powers: Commands Arcane Energy and the Element of Fire. Is able to manipulate Fire in almost every way, allowing him to create an armor of Fire, causing him to become nearly unapproachable.
Abilities: Has inhuman speed and agility. Has average strength and stamina, but a very high intellect. Is very skilled in all forms of pyromancery (Fire Magicks). Is immune from being knocked unconscious by magical or physical means and all will-manipulating effects.

Lore: [Will Edit Later]

Other: Lazreith is not to be underestimated. Can be very unstable and is extremely powerful. He is to be avoided at all costs, if you are not experienced with dealing Magi, presumably Pyromancers.

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Zanna (Ashley Purdy's Girl) Spade Name: Abbey Parks
Look Age: 17
Real Age: 180
Gender: Female
Speacies:(Be Creative!)Ice Fairy
Appearence: http://www.google.com/imgres?start=53...
Personality: Avery has a very cold personality. She rarely hangs around people. Most of the time she keeps to herself.
~Fly (doesn't do it very often)
~Freeze things
~Create water/ice/snow
Family: No family that she knows of
Wings- http://www.google.com/imgres?um=1&... (She tries to keep them hidden as often as she can.)

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Morgan  *(Be a voice not a echo)* | 290 comments Name: Natalie
Look Age: 17
Real Age: 235
Gender: Female
Species: She is an Anchient spirit she can control the elements and summon them at will and also a fledgling vampire
Appearance: Day after I dyed my hair Pictures, Images and Photos Her normal outfit is a pair of cut off blue jean short and a black tank and of course black heels she has a body most girls would kill for and she knows it
Personality:She could be considered snooty but she dosent try to be its just her nature shes sweet and sorta shy but she will warm up to you give her time

Powers/Abilities: She is able to read your mind and also control the elements she can also grant certain wishes also the vampire powers
Family: Open if anyone wants to make a family member for her
Other: shes learning to control her vampire side

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Name: Kane
Look Age: 25
Real Age: 800
Gender: Male
Speacies:(Be Creative!) Evil spirit and werewolf.

Personality: Has a twisted, evil mind, but does have a gentler side.
Powers/Abilities: Shapeshifting, making lightning flash from his fingers, and working with fire and ice.
Family: Dead.
Other: He is seven feet tall with long, black hair that drops down to his waist. And he seems to be open for a girlfriend.

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Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) | 22 comments Name:Kendrew Allison
Look Age:19
Real Age:135

Personality:Kendrew is a complete sweetheart. He loves to make people happy and shows affection to almost everyone. But when someone is mean, he sometimes can't take that and gets depressed easily. He is very shy but extremely sweet and gentle once you get to know him.
-Enhanced Strength
-Enchanced Speed
-Enhanced Senses
-Can use magic

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jueun (jueunkang) Name:Jacob Anderson

Look Age:18

Real Age:154



He has green eyes :3

Personality:Jacob is a very outgoing person and sweet person with a nice personality. He's very self-defensive though, but is a sweet person otherwise. He's a lazy person and doesn't take things seriously enough, and has a laid back personality. Jacob does have an anger issue at times, but it doesn't come out unless he actually gets really mad. He's also an excellent photographer, and enjoys taking photos. He's not much of an athlete either, but he's good at some sports. But he hates being touched by people. It makes him feel weird when people touch him. Never mind hugs.

~Super Hearing & Sight/Sharpened Senses
~Super Speed



█║ ✕ Angel ‟ Indelible  (sirsly) Name: Daniel Jacob Pearson Meeks
He knows its long, and to be honest he hates it.. His family at times used to call him Jacob; just to get under his skin.
Look Age: Seventeen
Real Age: Seven Hundred Thousand and Four.
Gender: Male
Species: Arches
Aches were born into the world the moment the small little rock was created they themselves were never actually created on earth; they fall to earth as a meteor - explains the shooting stars right? - they learned the ways of the humans and no they didn't have four or six eyes. They were just like humans born and made for air. But what they weren't made for is the human food. Arches are what some call 'Time Lords'. But theres a bit more to it than a screwdriver and a couple tricks. Arches are creatures of disguise and music, yes you heard right, music. Arches shift into anything they've ever seen and if they need specific details, touch. Arches are almost made for the thing humans call music, music is their drug, their crack, their hunger, their water to their lungs. They travel through time as if its just a walk in the park, their most mission is to create history- or as most know, save the universe. Arches weaknesses are their hunger for blood. That can mean a blood pack from the blood drive, or blood from your throat to a dead deer. Their most known figure is the wolf.

Appearance: Daniel has a mystery of whats mixed eyes; they are green that aren't too light nor too dark. He has fair skin and a light birthmark that stands out immediately - because of his tan - on his right palm. He is tall at six foot and weighs only one hundred and two. He has dark brown hair that remains short at this point.

(view spoiler)
Personality: Daniel is quite the trickster to most he's always a difficult-to-understand guy, you never actually know how he feels, nor how he thinks of you. He keeps on the fake him so no one knows the real boy deep under sheets that cannot be counted. As you meet him he's rude; but in a somehow seductive way. If you decide you'll be his friend and he also happens to like-like you, - if you are a girl - he might open up from his shell and show you the real him. And just so you know, he writes poetry. Don't tell, he might get mad.

Powers/Abilities: Daniel hasn't yet mastered in figuring out his powers just yet-- though they say he will learn them quite soon and that he'll have one of the greatest. "The ones who wait the longest get the best."

Family: Everyone in the Arches faded into nothing as humans started questioning them while the ones up in the sky were being fought, they were the only thing keeping the world alive during the second world war. That was their sixth war, against what Daniel has yet to learn about. Daniel and only four are left on the planet, none have been spotted in the universe. When pushed to the limit they lost at their tenth war against the same species, they killed Daniel's species and left only six. The sixth died due to unknown causes.


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Hunter | 20 comments Name: Rosylnn Redwood (Rose)
Appearance Age: 19 years old
Actual Age: 110 years old
Gender: female
Species: Siren (view spoiler)
Appearance: description
Personality: Rose is a very seductive, convincing siren. She'll do just about anything to lure a man into the water. She's a better singer than most sirens and uses that to her advantage. Rose is very competitive as well. She's sweet to female humans and has been known to make friends with them. The male population however, she hates.
Powers/ Abilities: Ability to persuade any person with her singing voice.
Family: All her family is dead. Her mother was killed in a boating accident and her father was killed during a hurracaine.

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Will :) | 3 comments Name: Olive Pippinlock
Look Age: 8
Real Age: 1, 321
Gender: Female
Species: Vampire
Appearance: http://www.theepochtimes.com/news_ima...
Personality: Olive is kinda creepy. She'll appear behind you at the randomest of times and ask you mindboggling questions. Its just... odd. Olive is quite smart for her age and she has a great interest for literature and before she sucks her victim's blood, she'll wrap them in a story of hers, walk around them, they'll still be listening, and pounce. Olive is just downright creepy, but she can be a good, intellectual friend.
Powers/Abilities: Vampire powers. ALL. Becoming a bat, sucking blood, she doesnt appear in mirrors, etc.
Mother: Mary Pippin
Father: Drakelo Lock
Siblings: Too many to count...
Other: She has ( she counted once ) exactly 108 siblings.

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Morgan  *(Be a voice not a echo)* | 290 comments Name: Cyler Delco
Look Age: 19
Real Age: 19
Gender: Male
Species: Werewolf
Appearence: Anime neko boy Pictures, Images and Photos
Personality: he is funny and smart he trys to joke alot when people make fun of his ears and tail because they are pink
Powers/Abilities: he is able to reverse the ageing process of himself so he cn really be any age
Family: none
Other: my sister wanted his hair to also be pink but i am gonna to save him on that and make it black

-this charrie my little sister wanted to help make one so here he is XD-

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River Song (DobbyIsFree) Name: Isabelle
Look Age: 18
Real Age: 100
Gender: Female
Speacies: Half witch, quarter fallen angel and quarter human.
Appearence: Tall and slim, dark brown curls that fall to her waist, Greenish blue eyes framed by long thick lashes, rosy pink lips and high cheekbones. Is usually wearing a midnight blue bat wing top, black pants, a black leather jacket and black boots.
Personality: She is sweet and caring yet teasing and daring. Is loyal, is always up for a challenge.
Powers/Abilities: she can control the power of fire and is a very good fighter.
Family: none, they died and she still suffers from that pain today.
Other: Usually carries her dagger and has a golden butterfly tattoo on her shoudler.

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Emily ~BIG BARDA~ Heaberlin (willyoupleasegiveup) | 379 comments Name- Lucas Smith
Look Age- 19
Real Age- 200 years old
Gender- Male
Species- Caliban- A half-human devil and witch offspring
Appearance- description
Personality- He is smart and kind. He loves hanging out with friends, but once something serious comes up, he will change into the mode his mother was always in. A serious and horribly aggressive character when needed to be
-Ability to raise the devil
- demons love him
Family- Open (The Witch and a devil)
Theme Song- Monster-Skillet

Tattoos- http://www.masterofink.com/demon-tatt... On shoulder

Emily ~BIG BARDA~ Heaberlin (willyoupleasegiveup) | 379 comments Name- Pine Tree
Look Age- 17
Real Age- 1000
Gender- Female
Species- Nymph
Appearence- description
Personality- She is clever and fun. She loves to make men love her then crush their hopes and dreams into dying of a broken heart. She loves making fun of people and particularly likes doing so to Lydia.
- Can transform into a tree (PINE TREE)
Family- Open

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MollyRena | 35 comments Name:Mr.S
Look Age:bout late 30's
Real Age:?
Speacies:(Be Creative!): He's half demon half shape shifter
Personality:he's quiet most times. but in ways strange.
Powers/Abilities:shifting into a tree to hide when caching people. Turn invisible. Change his height. super senses.
Other: nope

Emily ~BIG BARDA~ Heaberlin (willyoupleasegiveup) | 379 comments Name- Alifair Soapa
Look Age- 17 1/2
Real Age- 2000 years

Gender- Female
Speacies- Banshee- A ghostly spirit that hold the wail of death of a family member.
Appearence- http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lzl...
Personality- She is soft spoken and shy she hates being put on the spot, but she is angered easily
Powers/Abilities- WAIL OF DEATH!
Ghostly things like that
Family- dead

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▕ ▋ ♛ ▍Marisa  (VergeOfInsanity) Name: Avery Hale
Nickname: Hale

Apparent Age: 16 almost 17
Real Age: 167
DoB: October 31

Gender: Female
Orientation: Straight
Species: Droplet

Physical Appearance: Avery is short and petit. Her figure is slightly well defined but her body type isn't a major concern for her though she does like to stay a healthy weight. She has a few scars from some particularly bad falls she had when she as a kid, but it's to be expected from the only daughter in a pretty much male run household. Her complexion is darkened to a nice even tan from her time out in the sun. This makes her straight brown streaked, light blonde hair even more prominent of a feature. If she didn't always have it up and tucked under a baseball hat, it would fall about a few inches below her shoulders. She's fairly strong, but her muscles aren't very pronounced. She also has faint tan-lines as she typically wears jeans or sweatpants and t-shirts.
Apparel: As previously stated, she typically wears jeans or cargo pants on colder days where as on hotter days she wears Capri pants or shorts. She absolutely detests skirts and refuses to wear them unless she absolutely has to. In terms of tops, she typically wears t-shirts or long tank tops depending on the weather. She wears old beat-up vans. Avery calls them her "lucky sneakers" because of everything she's gotten away with while wearing them. She also wears a random baseball cap.

Personality: While Avery can be a tomboy, she still fusses over girly things. She has girl friends and they tease each other about boys and stuff, but there's nothing she loves more than skateboarding, with the exception of her family of course. She is a diligent student who is fixated on getting good grades. She doesn't have too many friends, but the friends she does have are very accepting of her and they would never let her down. The guys are very accepting of her as well though she doesn't hang out with them much. She's a bit oblivious to the big drama going around. She doesn't like to gossip so she finds herself out of the loop more often than not.
Tendencies: She tends to leave her sneakers untied and she also ignores people who tell her to tie them. Other people she ignores are her teachers when they teach boring subjects she already knows everything about like science.
Likes: She enjoys skateboards, shades if grey, bright colors, Symmetry, squares, small bits of random substances, and roses.
Dislikes: She hates dandelions, allergens, browns, gossip, and redundancy.

-Can manipulate the state of any object (solid liquid gas)
-Can control any object
-Only physical changes
-Objects without life forces only

Mother- Lucy Hale
Father- James Hale
Oldest brother- Christopher Hale
Second oldest brother- Ryan Hale
Deceased twin sister- Carla Hale
Younger brother- Jacob Hale

Other: Anything I missed?

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Matthew (phoebus) | 124 comments Name: Malachi
Apparent Age: 17
Actual Age: Unknown
Gender: Male

Species: Aracnidite
What are theses rare beings exactly? You might ask. Well be patient and let me tell you. They are called 'Aracnidites', there physiology is very similar to that of arachnids or spiders. A noticeable difference that of a humanoid appearance, and a physical structure resembling that of diamond. Most of what is known about them is mere rumors. As we all know though, there is a grain of truth in any rumor, or in some cases a bucket full. Besides this, much about this eerie and mysterious creature is unknown, for very few remain, if any at all.

Eye Color: (view spoiler)
Hair Color: Ink Black
Skin Tone: Pale White

To Malachi, such terms as good or evil, right or wrong, theses are meaningless. Malachi laughs as such ideas of morals or ethics, to him these are seen as useless, and merely restrictions and weaknesses. What Malachi believes in is quite simple actually. Power, absolute power, that is the only truth that Malachi recognizes. Every thing else is just ridicules thoughts made by inferior creatures. And Malachi craves for this 'truth'. If you haven't already guessed, Malachi is a very selfish and greedy being.

A bit of a warning is needed perhaps, for Malachi is not only that, but a very manipulative person. Greatly talented at the art of deception, weaving webs of lies and misfortune. Malachi is devious, don't underestimate his cunning intellect, always calculating things to his advantage. Remember, Malachi always has a goal in mind, a purpose to everything he does, and sometimes that purpose is not something that you are gonna like. Not that you'll ever know his true intents. No, you'll be to distracted, trapped in his web of spells. Malachi is the master puppeteer.

Oh, and how good Malachi is as spinning these webs, so much so that one would never suspect a thing. Not from one with such elegance, such charm, and simply such profoundness. It would be almost preposterous to imagine something of that likeness from Malachi. Indeed, Malachi is charismatic, dangerously so. Words pour out of his mouth like sweet honey, ever so entrancing to the air. The clearness of his silver tongued voice is difficult to distrust, let alone think wrong of. Malachi simply seems to know what to say, how to act, what mask to put on. He clearly knows what positions to play next, which piece to move in the ever going game of strategy.

Arachnid Physiology: Arachnid-like attributes and abilities, and control over arachnids.
Web Constructs/Thread Manipulation: Weaves Spider-like threads of diamonds.
Puppetry: Puppet Mastery by the manipulation of threads.
Diamond Mimicry: Diamond-like Physiology.
Diamond Manipulation: Create and manipulate diamonds.
• Powerful Alchemy

• What's the point of mentioning the dead, they are of no relevance to Malachi.

Other: Malachi's diamond physiology also give him a mental defense, blocking mind reading and other telepathic intrusions.

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MollyRena | 35 comments Name:Madness
Look Age:34
Real Age:unknown
Speacies:he's kind of like a demon in a ay but so much

Personality:Madness is sarcastic and odd. He is very blunt as well. His smile creeps the absolute sh*t out of everyone. He is creepy and rude as well. He can be scary and mean. He is also a trickster so be careful.
Powers/Abilities:Make any human insane. Teliport *When he does normally it smells like smoke and you see black smoke. He also able to climb on walls and ceilings.
Other: nope

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Devaniel (chesse43) | 19 comments Name: Physis Naturleza
Look Age: 15
Real Age: 49
Gender: Male
Speacies: Nature elf
Appearence: At 5'7, he wears all green clothing which can blend in with anything nature. Has short green hair, and blue eyes.
Personality: Respectful, but becomes fierce in combat.
Powers/Abilities: Archer. Bow's arrows can grow plants, trees, and flowers. Can also heal himself and others in direct sunlight. Is also very agile.
Family: He has no parents, who were killed in a forest fire.
Other: His bow was made by his mother, and he carries a silver knife, which was a family heirloom.

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Name: Cole Saunders
Look Age: 19
Real Age: 69
Gender: Male
Species: Vadatajs, a malevolent spirit that misleads people.
Appearance: http://s2.hubimg.com/u/2599137_f260.jpg
Personality: Don't ever trust Cole. He may seem nice and helpful at first but he will confuse you. He is a trickster. Never ask Cole a question because you won't understand the answer. Cole's goal is to mislead you. He died fifty years ago after getting lost in the forest and not being able to find his way home. Cole tries to pass the same fate to others. Be careful when it comes to him. He is a smooth-talker and a good liar.
Powers/Abilities: He can walk through objects and become invisible
Family: All dead.

yojharobed || I have no sword. I don't need a sword. Because I am the Doctor and this is my spoon. En garde! (yojharobed) Name: Kristia
Look Age: 19
Real Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Speacies: Ice Faery (view spoiler)

Human Form:

Faery Form:
[image error]
Personality: Tia is flirtatious and seductive. She looks and acts very sweet and innocent, but is really very dangerous and powerful. She is very social and loves to talk. Seriously, you can't get her to stop talking sometimes. Full out, a mile a minute, watch out ahead! What can I say? She is a female. :)
~Controls water and all forms of water.
~Seduces men with her dancing.
Family: None that she knows of...
Other: Crush on Spike or Daniel??

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▕ ▋ ♛ ▍Marisa  (VergeOfInsanity) Name: Kokoro "Koko" Alifair
Look Age: 16
Real Age: 2,013,567
Gender: Female
Species: Vampire. Cold blooded killer.
Personality: Multiple personality disorder and her eyes shift from blue (Kokoro) to red (Koko) to show this change.
Kokoro- In a nutshell, she's too shy to talk to anyone and she tends to put others before herself. She is a very nice person and loves everyone she meets (as long as they aren't one of Koko's peculiar friends)
Koko- She is a cold blooded killer and much more social of the two. She has many friends (mostly guys) and tends to be a bit perverted from hanging out with them too much. She is very flirtatious and likes to mess with people's heads. Especially unsuspecting humans. Then she ends their lives slowly and painfully. (via disembowelment combined with making them watch as she drinks their blood directly from their heart.
Powers/Abilities: She's a vampire so classic vamp stuff
-Incredibly sharp fangs and claws (perfect for cutting you open)
-Incredible speed
-Incredible Strength
-(Unique gift) For about a minute (5 posts) after drinking the blood of a creature, she can use their power. It's very unstable, but it works...
-Kokoro doesn't use her power.
-She burns in daylight. It would take a day of full exposure to kill her, but it hurts like a *omitted*
Family: Dead.

And Kokoro: "Koko... Be nice!!"

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▕ ▋ ♛ ▍Marisa  (VergeOfInsanity) Name: Ikuto Tsukiyomi
Look Age: 17
Real Age: 17
Gender: Male
Species: Neko (Kinda like werecat only less... werewolf-ish)
Personality: He's sly and cunning and very seductive. He likes to play mind games and lead people to injury and misconception but he doesn't like death. He's very uncomfortable with the subject.
-Cat-like reflexes
-Incredible Agility
-Strange ability to get away with pretty much anything
Limitations/Side effects:
-Grows ears
-Weak to catnip
Father- Missing
Mother- Living in a different part of Tamoe
Sister- Living in a different part of Tamoe
Other: He moved here recently and he doesn't know the city-town-village-thing very well.

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Astig0921 Name: Lucas Snake
Look Age: 18
Real Age: 180
Gender: male
Speacies: he is like Medusa but hes a dude.
Appearence:(with glasses and hat) description
(but you dont see the hair.)
(without the hat and glasses)description

Personality: He is kind and sweet, and all he wants is to love and be loved but since he cant look people in the eyes. it will never happen and he is hideous with his snake hair.
Powers/Abilities: Turn people to stone just looking them in the eye
Family: dont know them
Other: nope

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Apollinaria Fowl (riverclan_kitty) Name: Circe Renee Dream
Look Age: 19
Real Age: "Hasn't your motehr told you it's rude to ask a lady her age?"
Gender: Female
Speacies: Celestial Kitsune
Appearence: In a sentence, Circe loves to flirt, party, and pull pranks. However there's more to her than that. She's a trickster with a set of morals, as shakey as they are. Although she has no respect for relationships, and she'll flirt with even married men and guys with girlfriends, Circe idn't a heartless person. She does have her own moral code, as shaky as it is.
On of the best parts of Circe's personality has to be her amazingly persuasive way of talking. She can win over even the most stubborn and heartless of people, and cause even the most expirienced of diplomats to be at a loss for words.
Human Form-
Kitsune Form-
(Her fur's silver)
-Circe, being a demon, is immortal.
-Circe has the power to create fire.
-Circe, being one of the oldest kitsunes alive, already has her ninth tail. This shows her status among other kitsune, and other types of demons alike.
-Circe can create powerful illusions that are near immpossible to tell from reality.
-Circe has the ability to possession, but has never actually tried using it before. She prefers to use her own human body to ge around.
Family: None to speak of...

Not done yet... Just saving...

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Name: Kazuya Masuda
Look Age: 16
Real Age: he isnt sure, but he guesses around 100 years or so...
Gender: male
Speacies:(Be Creative!) Cat Mikase (can change hair and eye color and shift to Warrior Cat Knight)
Appearence: normal: http://photo.goodreads.com/photos/132...
in his warrior cat knight form: http://photo.goodreads.com/photos/131...
Powers/Abilities: he is a kind of empath and his hair and eyes change color to match his current emotions
Other: in progress

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Name: Yoona
Look Age: 20
Real Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Species: Vampire

Personality: TBA
Powers/Abilities: Teleportation
Family: ---
Other: In progress

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johnny baird (rawrbuddie) | 2 comments Name: james henti
Look Age: 20
Real Age: 20
Gender: male
Speacies:(Be Creative!) Fire Bender
Appearence: https://encrypted-tbn2.gstatic.com/im...
Personality: he is out spoken always moving traing to harness the full potential of fire bending he is funny sarcastic and loves to be a trickster he has a heart and will fight at the sight of trouble he has the leadership in him but he doesnt want to be the cause of anyone getting hurt
Powers/Abilities: the ability to bend fire to his will
Family: his mom passed away upon birth his father disappeared when he turned 15 leaving him to fend for his sick sister who passed away when raiders came and kidnapped her he still hunts for those same raiders hopeing to find his sister
Other: he has a fire weasle that he saved when it was just a baby when a forest fire had started they have been friends ever since  he has one weapon he has carried his father left it to him before he left with a note saying one wored "hope" https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/im...

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Sage of Souls (sageofsouls) | 260 comments johnny wrote: "Name: james henti
Look Age: 20
Real Age: 20
Gender: male
Speacies:(Be Creative!) Fire Bender
Appearence: https://encrypted-tbn2.gstatic.com/im......"

(( What in the hell is that link? ))

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