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Shannon McClay | 3 comments Mod
What is one of the main ideas/themes in your novel so far? Remember, a main idea/theme is what an author wants you to believe about a specific topic.

Write a 10-12 sentence paragraph explaining one of the main ideas/themes of your novel. Be sure to include plenty of examples from the text that support the author's beliefs about the topic.

Your first sentence should look something like this:

One of the themes of the novel (title of book) by (name of author) is that (main idea/theme).

Example: One of the themes of the short story "Amigo Brothers" by Piri Thomas is that friendship is more important than competition.

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Jodi Eisenhuth | 2 comments Miley Cyrus Miles To Go by:Miley Cyrus
She was bullied when she was in 6th grade and noone liked her because they thought she got everything she was billy ray cyrus doughter. But she didnt get everything she wanted it was just like my life. i dont get everything i want. When she was going to class people puched her in too the bathroom and locked it so she couldnt get out and than they went to class. And when she was gettting her books her old friends pushed her into her locker and she hurt her head. She didnt tell anyone she got bullied but her friend from cheerleading and her dad heard her talking on the phone with her about it. So he told the princaible and the girl got in trouble. noone liked her in her grade they thought she got the part becasue billy ray did but she got the part first and than asked him too. when she was on stage she said im going to forget the pass and start a new life.

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Sarah Simone | 2 comments One of the themes of my novel, "Things Not Seen" is that even problem solving and common sense will help you more than you can image as long as you do your personal best. Even though the main character in my book, Bobby struggles with many obstacles in his way at the worst possible point in time in his entire life, he still has to deal with it and use all his wit to help him. He must be positive and put aside his family issues, his regret and even his fears. He regrets the things he said to his parents and now they're in the hospital far away from him. He going to have to pull himself together and stop being so selfish in order for his family and him to get through this and figure out what happened to him and his family. He thinks whats happening is only happening to him but it also affects his family. He is being a little stuck up and because he never talks to his parents, the one time he does he feels his dad is just using him as a science experiment. In order for Bobby to ever get back to the way he was, he has to put aside him and his families differences and forget the family issues that were weighing him down in the first place.

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Lauren Bruton | 2 comments One of the themes from the novel And Then Everything Unraveled by Jennifer Sturman is that family is forever and always going to be there for you. Family is forever was shown when Delia went to live with her aunt that she has never met before but of course her aunt was there for her.Delia's aunt was there to take care of her after her moms "death". Delia's aunt said she would take her as her child and provide her with a full life. Her aunt took her shopping and bought her all of her things to live with her. Even though she met Delia for the first time she still dicided to take her to be treated as her own child. She provided Delia with a big room,food,new clothes and care and love. Delia and her aunt got close and now relate to each other. Her aunt showed her to the rest of the family as in other aunts, cousins and new friends that she has never met before but they still showed love and friendship for her. Delia now feels at home and taken care of even though her mom is not there for her anymore.That was how Delia was shown that her family is here for her and she has support.

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Maria Magann | 2 comments One of the themes of my book called The Paxton Cheerleaders by Katy Hall is that you shouldnt try to take someones boyfriend away from them if they been together for a while. Tara is trying to take cassies boyfriend from her because tara wants a tall boyfriend and cassies boyfriend. Cassies boyfriend , nash is one of the only tall boys in the school. Another theme of The Paxton Cheerleaders in cheerleading is s sport too that needs alot of hard work. Alot of people say cheering isnt a sport but it is because it requires exersize and cheerleading is also really fun. As being a cheerleader , you have to go to practices , exersize , stay in shape, and working hard. As they continue cheerleading , throughout the year it gets harder and harder. You have too keep working hard and put even more effort and dedication to the team. Cassie and Lauren arnt looking forward to more practices because they already think the time they have is enough. Patti and tara are excited because they love cheering and they want it to be longer. They All love cheerleading though , because its there favorite sport ! Tara is not really one of the main cheerleaders, she just fills in if someone is missing. She doesnt like to think of it like that though , she wants to be thought of as a normal cheerleader and thats what everyone says to her.

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Tyler Reed | 2 comments One of the themes of the novle Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins is deseption. I said deseption because everyone is turning on Katniss and Peata. Also the president of Panam President Snow is trying to make sure Katniss and Peata does't make it out of the areana this time. Next when Katniss was in the woods the new head peacekeeper turned on the electric fence to eather kill her when she gets shocked or trap her in the woods. Another time she was with her family when she found out that she had to go back in the areana and fight to the death again. Also Katniss feels its wrong to send the other victory which some are very old and she has to kill them to get out alive but she also has to protect him with her life. Next Katniss was being inored in her privet training so she took a training dummy and hung it and wrote the name "SENECA CRANE" in berry juice.

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Sean Daly | 2 comments One of the themes in Daniel X watch the skies by James Patterson is war can either tare people apart or band theme together.Another is friendship is stronger than anything an can not tare almost anybody apart.These means that in war people can turn on each other an go every man for themselves, or they can band together and fight back against the enemy.The friendship means that no matter what friends that are really close cant be torn apart at any time.One example of war in the book is the aliens are trying to spread this disease into people to either control them or kill them. One example of friend is daniel has like six friends and when one of them got in a fight with a group of aliens they all jumped i and helped out and beat them all up pretty bad.Thats my examples of main ideas about my book. I recommend this book to any one who enjoys action packed fiction books. This book was called Daniel X watch the skies by James Patterson.

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Shana Barrett | 2 comments The thems for Millicent Min Girl Genius by Lisa Yee is friendship. Its friendship because most people the story so far is Millie trying to find a friend. Knowbody wants to be Millie's friend because shes a genius. But finnaly she made a friend Emily. Millie didnt tell Emily about her being a genius. She didnt tell her because she is scared of loseing a friend. So she's really scared to sleepover at Emily's house. Shes scared to sleep over Emily'tes house because she dont want her to find out about her. Also this is her first sleepover. She has been looking through joke books for the sleepover because she don't know what to do at a sleepover. The authers message is make a friend keep a friend because Millie just made a friend now shes trying to keep a friend.

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Steph Keenan | 1 comments One of the themes of the novel Me & Emma by Elizabeth Flock is that sisterhood is important because sister should always be there for each other . Also it seems like they have money and family problems because they don't really have a lot of money , in the book it said my pants almost touch my ankles so its like saying there floods . In the beginning they were saying how a guy named richard their drunken would abuse Carrie and Emma but their mom cant seem to see , let alone stop . Cerrie has to keep her little sister Emma safe from him , a life of neglect .

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Jacob Weiss | 2 comments the main idea is that friends can help you in life, and in Rot and Ruin case Benny Imura my main character literally needs friends for survival in what once was america that is now an after effect zombie apocalypse where spotting an aimlessly wandering zombie is the norm. My author Jonathan Mayberry wants you to realize that when the going literally goes rotten your friends and family will always have your back. Jonathan Mayberry displays an unimaginable amount of respect and friendship. Though don't let it fool you this is an action packed zombie thriller....READ IT IF YOU DARE!

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Katie Mcalpin | 2 comments One of the themes of the novel Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer is that when you're in love with someone, you love them with all your heart. They are your best friend. When you need someone when you are crying they would be there for you. You'll do anything for them. In my story Bella loves Edward for who he is a vampire. Edward is always there for Bella like when she's hart . Edward loves Bella for who she is. They are in true love. Bella will always be there for Edward. They are two peas in a pod.

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Chris Conway | 2 comments One of the main idea of my my book so far is don't give up because my main character Stevie and his friend Susan Caroll are try to help Minnesota State star player Chip Graber catch his blackmailer.I think it's never give up because in one part in the story is they're trying to get to Chip's room but they where stop by a security guard is stopping them but in most cases Stevie makes up a story to get by and try to accomplish the goal. Another time in order to get a key to Chip's room they say they're Chip's cousin wanting to see him and they have done that. While lying to his dad saying that he keeps going to CBS interviews. Steve another time got out of his hotel room at 6:00 to go and make a plan w/Chip but the plan has not been told yet. Susan also called the main office at MSU and told them that she is Chip's sister and the woman believed it and right now she is in the coversation with the woman.Then Steve got Chip's room number by stealing someones key. Another example is when they were covering practice Chip was not open for question. That made Steve wonder then he follwed Chip and thats when he found out that Graber was being blackmaied. In conclusion the main idea of my book is never give up.

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Nick Layden | 2 comments One of the themes of the novel Million Dollar Throw by Mike Lupica is no matter what happens friendship is the most important thing in life. Also Nate's friend abby is going blind slowly. And Nate's dad recently lost his job. Nate's arm is starting to fail when he needs it the most. So when Nate is giving a chance to make a thirty yard throw for 1 million dollars. So Nate has his whole family and his friend Abby counting on him to make the throw. The topic of the story is sports-mansship on how when you are losing in life keep your head up because something good might just happen. Also another topic of the story is friendship because no matter how blind Abby get's she's still going to see Nate play football. Another topic of the story is effort because Nate's arm is throwing to good and he has to go out onto the Patriots stadium for a chance to win 1 million dollars. Also Nate's family is very close to losing their home so this their house depends on Nate Brodie.

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Ryan Evanego | 2 comments one of the themes of my book poison is that she live in a house with her family. And every day she goes to school and gets bullied because people think shes stupid but shes really not. She just does not try her best in school if she did she would be very smart. But since she dose not try in school her parents thinks she has problems so they bring her to a therapist and she only shows her how smart she actually is so the she tells her parents and they are surprised. so they continue to bring her there and she finally shows her parents what she can do and the ask her why she never showed them this before.She said that shes scared that i would get picked on and u would make me try in school so now that they no how smart she is she has to try in school and she gets called a bunch of names by all of the bullies. So she tells the teacher and she dose not answer her because she never does her work.And that is how far i got in my book so far. anyone that like mystery i would read this it is really good i loved it.

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Caitlyn Ostan | 2 comments One of the themes in The Fourth Stall by Chris Rylander is that bullies learn how it feels like to be bullied.
Another theme in the story is that Mac and Vince are best friends and they run a business together and Mac gave someone too much money to do a job and Vince got mad because they are saving their money for a very expensive baseball game and they are short on money now.The next theme is about how Mac and Vince have to do a very hard job to do for a kid they need to help out and it might cost a lot of money but they never say no to a kid because they always have some way to help someone.

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Nico Ardiles | 2 comments One of the themes of the novel "The Diamond of Darkhold" by Jeanne DuPrau is that you can still visit someone or somewhere that you really missed a long time ago. Also that there is always time to find something or have an adventure with a good friend of someone else that you trust. An example from the book is that Lina is homesick because she missed her old home in the City of Ember, which is a city underground. Doon, Lina's closest friend, got a book from a trader outside of the village they now live in. The book said it was for the people of Ember, so it was pretty important and had to do with something. So Lina and Doon decided to leave the village and go look for something important in the now dark and abandoned City of Ember. I am still at the beginning of the novel, so I don't have all the information about the story. But also that they are still learning the dangers of the world, like storms, wolves, and bandits, so they are a bit worried, but they are still brave. And before they left to go to the City of Ember again, Lina wrote a note to her next door neighbor that felt like a mother to her, that they were going to find something and will be gone for a few days. So then they went back to there original old and dark home to find some kind of technology that might help them.

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Queen Cottman | 1 comments Am reading Deep And Dark And Dangerous By Mary Downing Hahn.The main idea or theme of these book is Responable.Responable means to take care of something or someone or just to be organsized all the time.In the book that am reading Responable is the theme or the main idea of these book beacause, ali has to watch her cousin for her aunt while her aunt is painting.Alis cousin emma finds a friend named sissy.Then sissy puts things in emma head like dont listening to ali and your mom.Sissy starts geting emma in trouble on purpose.Emma is listening to sissy because she never really had a friend so she wants to do whatever so she wont lose sissy has friend.It makes it harder for ali to be responable for emma when emma will not listen to her at all.

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Andrew Markley | 2 comments One of the themes of the novel "A Boy At War" by Harry Mazer is that the war of Pearl Harbor was bloody,cruel,loud and hard.The war of Pearl Harbor was very bloody because people were shot down and were blown up by bombs and torpedos.Also,the war was extremely loud because people were shooting guns planes were dropping booms and shooting turrets at enemy aircrafts.Also, the war was hard because the u.s had very little supplies since the Japanese had sneak attacked the united states's bases and ships when the u.s wasn't even ready.Also,the war was very cruel because women children and men were killed in the war also people were made to abandon ship and to go into the water was completely covered with oil.Most people did die in the oil the causes of death were drowning or swallowing oil.

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Steven Donnelly | 1 comments One of the themes in my novel so far is fear because joey has been taken away.He is scared because he does not know what is going to happen to him.He is scared they may hurt him.As they are walking down the street he says what he sees.He said he sees old time cars were all over,spewing exhaust.There were trolleys too,and horse drawn buggies.Everyone was talking about the world series.

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Isaiahpayton | 2 comments My book is The Winning Season by Rich Wallace and one of the themes of the novel is compition like Jimmy has always stuggled with batter named blue. The other theme is compition because it is to work harder than the other team to win. Friendship is a friend that would stick up for you. Jimmy loss the game but Raomaro tried to cheer Jimmy up by saying great job. In this part of the book Jimmy and his dad were talking about the game and Jimmy didn't want talk about the game so he went to his room and stayed there for the rest of the night.

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Devan Demarco | 2 comments One of the themes of the novel I'm reading "Dancing on the Edge" by Han Nolan is family is very important and they should always stick together no matter what happens. Examples that explain this theme is when a tornado hit the neighborhood and they all were still alive, when Miracle wants to get her mom and dad back, and when Grandaddy Opal had a heart attack and the whole family thought he was going to die. Mt first example of the main idea is when a tornado hits the whole neighborhood and they were all still alive. For example, as all the damage is done from the tornado, everyone had stilled been alive. The family had seemed to come to together when the house was destroyed, following each other through the giant mess. Even Uncle Toole cries and takes Aunt Casey into his arms, begged her into forgiveness for all the things he's done to hurt her. Another I have for the main idea is when Miracle is always thinking hr mom and dad are coming back. I personally don't think her mom is coming back because she had gotten hit by an ambulance car, and when she got on the gurney, she was dead. Anyway, Miracle always looks up the sky and says with pain " Why Mama? Why didn't you and Dane come back?" My last example of the main idea was when Grandaddy Opal had a heart attack and the whole family thought he was dead. Grandaddy Opal is like a replacement dad to Miracle because he wants to protect and give her anything she needs to be happy. He had gone to the hospital for the incident, but luckily the doctor said the attack was not severe so he was okay. The whole family was devastated. In conclusion, those are the examples I have for my main idea

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Rylee Mcgurk | 2 comments One of the themes of my novel" Blast From The Past", by: Meg Cabot is parents and how they don't let her get anything, but they give her younger brother everything. She get's jeoulous somethimes when her brothers get things. Her parents wont let her get a cell phone, even if she is buying it with her own money. She doesn't think about the bills her parents have to pay, she thinks if you buy it, that its yours and thats it. She's really mad at her parents, so she went behind their back and called her uncle. She asked him if he could drive her to the mall so she can buy a cell phone. But he asked her parents if it was ok first. They said no. And she got in big trouble. She really wants a cell phone because she's the only one at school without one. Her parents think she will get one when she's more responsible, cause over the past few weeks she has been inresponsible. She thinks to show them that she is responsible by handing in her permission slip for her class trip.

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Kianna Irons | 2 comments One of the themes in my novel I'm reading " Flush " by Carl Hiaasen is family is important. What I mean by that is when family has problems you should always stick together no matter what. A example I have is when Noahs dad goes to jail and refuses to come home when he has the opportunity to come home. Noahs mom freaks out because there not making enough income with just one parent. So Noahs mom is thinking about getting divorced. Athough Noahs dad dosen't want to come home. He wants to prove a point he only tried to sink the Coral Queens ship so it would stop dumping illegal sewage into the water. But maybe if Noah finds out the whole story from someone who works there maybe. His dad will come home if he knows the real truth about the Coral Queens.In conclusion i think if Noah dad comes home. Everything will be back to normal. But if he docent then maybe everything won't be normal. An the family will split up.

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The Fourth Stall By: Chris Rylander
The author is trying to tell me how sometimes business has consequences. Mac had to help protect fred from "Staples". But staples sent his friends out to get fred. Mac and Fred had run as fast as they possibly could from staples 2 friends. Mac hid behind a bush and when his friends tried walk passed it, Mac tripped them. So there was many times where they almost got hurt. Also, this is about bullying. People come to Mac because they need protection from older kids. This is very nerve wracking and hard to deal with

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Alyssa Cerino | 2 comments My Book is "It Only Looks Easy" by: Pam swallow One main topic is bullying, what the author is trying to say is that bullying is hard to take in but you will over come it. another topic is tragedy, kats dog gets hit by a car, the author is trying to say that tragedy is very difficult in the begining but it gets easier. another topic is school, kat is having a ruff time in school. The author is trying to say that school is not easy, its ruff but if you work hard enough you will get better. Kat's dog Chedder gets hits by a car, its difficult for her to be alone without her dog. Her dog and her were very close. On the day before her first day of 7th grade chedder gets hit. That was a big tragedy for Kat. On the first day f school Kat can't take it she has to see Chedder at the vet. She sneeks out of school and takes an unlocked bike , but she leaves a note saying it was an emergancy, also saying that she will bring the bike back. She gets in trouble for that by the princeable, also by the girl's mother of the bike she took. She got in trouble with the mom because she was in such a hurry that she didnt lock up the bike so someone stole it from Kat. The rumor about Kat stealing a bike is all over the school so now Kat is being made fun of ( bullied ). So she has a lot to deal with.

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Erin Lynch | 2 comments One of the main ideas in the novel I'm reading "Where I'd Like To Be" by Frances O'Roark Dowell is lonleyness, Maddie lives in an ophanige and has no contact with her family what so ever and it's hard for her to live with knowing her grandmother has a broken hip and lives alone with no one to take care of her. Maddie really wants to live with her but her grandma is too ill to take care of the both of them. The new girl in the orphanige is the same age as Maddie but her name is Murphy. Maddie has truble with making new friends but she knows that Murphy has family issues too and she keeps wanting to go up to her and have a normal converstion but shes has trust issues with other people and shes scared that Murphy might not like her as a person or as a friend. The only friend that Maddie really has is her six year old friend Ricky Rae. Out of the whole orphanige her only friend is a six year old and she always brings herslef down with stess from school and sometimes she feels that she's not wanted and thats why MAddie feels lonleyness in side her.

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Brandon Strehlau | 2 comments The topic i chose was friendship.The reason I chose friendship is because the girl in my book's name is Liesel was on a train and her brother died by chocking on his spit. Soon later her mother died so she had to go somewhere. A mom and a dad lived in a small house nearby were the train let her off at. Liesel had to live there and she didn't know anything or anybody. Soon after a group of kids introduced themselves and they became best friends. another act of friendship was when they let her play soccer and they don't let anyone play soccer. Also they showed her around and then she got to really know everyone well. For the most part there is a lot of friendship in this book so far.

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Colin Blythe | 2 comments One of the themes of the novel of No Rest For The Dead is cheating is really bad when Mary finds out Chris her husband is cheating on her she gets filled with jealousy and angry. She meets the girls he is sleeping with one by one as they rub in her face about how Chris is cheating on her. While they are at the party she sees them flirting with Chris and Mary just couldn't take it anymore Mary walks right up to Chris and confronts him about all of the pain he has caused her. Mary screams at Chris and everyone watches and listens about how Chris treats Mary so badly and Chris is so embarrassed. That when Mary wakes up the next morning Chris is not there and she thinks Chris is cheating on her again. When Chris's boss knocks on the door Mary knows this is one of the girls Chris cheats on her with and she ask where Chris was Mary said I don't know and she slammed the door behind in rage. This is one of the topics in No Rest For The Dead.

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Allison Eichinger | 2 comments One of the themes or topics of my book Mocking Jay by Suzanne Collins is to care about your siblings. The author showed that by having Katniss volentier for Prim to go into the hunger games. Katniss also took a bad room so Prim could keep her cat when they had to move to district thirteen when their district was blown up. I thought that was really nice of Katniss because she hated Prim's cat, but still helps taking care of it. Katniss also use to take care of Prim when her father died because her mother was depressed. She had to hunt and find food everyday till she went into the hunger games so her family wouldn't have to go hungry. It's not just Katniss who helps Prim. Prim helps Katniss out too. She always helps her do her work in district thirteen by bringing her food and helping her out when she was in the hospital.When Katniss went into the hunger games Prim had to be responsible and help care for her mother and try to collect food. Katniss and prim do a lot for one another.

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Nick klagholz (littleevildevil) | 2 comments One of the themes of my novel "Payback" by James Heneghan is friendship is important.One of the themes is friendship because in the novel a boys friend get picked on ,beat up and he just stands there and doesn't do anything he just lets his friend get beat up. The boy who got beat up gets mad at his friend Benny for not helping him when he was down. Bennies friend try do do something to benny to get payback and tries to get benny beat up so he knows what getting beat up and having your best friend do nothing about it.

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Altani Papapetridis | 2 comments The theme in my book is death. and the police have to try to find who killed her and they think it was her crush because.he was the last one to talk to her and seen her. and she told her friend she be back in 15 minutes. and she saw her crush before she got in her car. and know one saw her after that. the author wants you to think that her crush. did it to her when it was not really him who did it to her.it was her friend who killed her.

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Ayhan Sanlier | 2 comments One of the main themes of my novel Loser by Jerry Spinelli is bullying should not get to you.Zinkoff the main character is getting bullied because he made his team lose their field day game in fourth grade.Because of that people are calling him loser and making fun of him.But he doesn't care he is way to happy to get them in his head.He also gets bullied sometimes because of his hand writing.For instance when Zinkoff laughed to loud (it was fine to laugh everybody was) but when he did his teacher yelled at him.Also his teacher made fun of him for his handwriting.He needs help but his teacher just yelled at him.Also lastly, he gets bullied by the kids.Because he couldn't write neat and because he wasn't smart.But he didn't care he thought he was smart and he thought that he wrote alright but he knew it wasn't neat.So those are my examples about how bullying is the main idea.

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Kathie Tann | 2 comments One of the themes in "Dark Flame" by Alyson Noel is Competition. Roman (one of the main characters) tried to kill Ever's friend, Haven, by letting her drink poisoned tea. Ever had to make a choice between breaking the curse between Damen and Ever not being able to trade DNA or saving Haven. But of corse she chose to save Haven and turned her immortal by making her drink "Immortal Juice." Soon after when Haven went to Damen's house with Ever to get her supply of Immortal Juice they were arguing. Haven thought that Ever was getting envious of Haven that she's not the only one that could run fast, read people's mind, live longer and much, much more. Haven gave the immortal juice back to Damen and Ever and said that she had her own supply and she was going to learn from Roman instead of Damen and Ever(that are all immortal). Haven wanted to know as much as she can, faster than Ever. Soon when Haven left to go to Roman's, Ever wanted to learn more from Damen as fast as she could so she can be better than Haven to tell her that Roman is a bad guy, not good.

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Charlene Morrissey | 1 comments My theme for my book "Deep And Dark And Dangerous" is friendship. It is friendship because Emma really wants a friend. She finds a friend that came on the beach the same time they Emma and Ali were on the beach. The friends name is Sissy, Ali says she is a bad influence. Ali is right, she is a bad influence. She's always mean to Emma, but Emma really wants a friend so she'll cry but she wont get mad at Sissy. she blames everything on Ali, saying that you made Sissy mad. Sissy would curse saying hell and Emma knows thats a bad word, Emma looks over to Ali like is this ok. As soon as Ali went to say no, Sissy blocked her out telling Emma that hell is not a bad word, its in the bible. Then they go on and start laughing and whispering. Finally Ali's had enough, she says what are you guys whispering about, as she pulls Emma away. They wont tell her so she says its time to go. We have to go eat lunch. Emma says she wants Sissy to go but, Sissy says no its time for me to go home. Emma said are you sure my mom makes really good peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Sissy says i hate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Emma copies her and says me too. Thats how bad she wants to be her friend. When Emma and Ali go home she starts acting like Sissy. And everything that Sissy did she blamed on Ali. finally Dulcie believes Ali. Thats how bad Emma wants a friend she'll go ahead and stick with the person who is the meanest and baddest person she knows.

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Alexus Calderon | 2 comments A theme from the novel i'm reading Things Not Seen is Tragedy is a horrible thing it makes people get hurt.Bobby's parents leave him home alone.Well while he's just sitting downstairs and watching the news this major 4 car accident comes on and he is shocked and is on the edge of his seat.But then he noticed that one of the cars are his moms and dads and now Bobby is really scared and is having some sadness.Bobby needed to know who's car it was and if it was his parents but all of a sudden the doctor called and said it was his parents.Another example is Bobby turned invisible.One morning Bobby was taking a shower and when he was done he wrapped himself in his blue towel and thats when he saw it except he didn't see anything because he was invisible!Those are some Tradegys in my novel so far.

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Racheal Werner | 2 comments The main idea in the book Be Mine is compition can get you in trouble some times.First the main character Jeniffer told the most popluar girls in schol Caluida that she had a boyfriend and they were going to win most romantic at the dance.Jeniffer really didn't have a boyfrind though she lied beacuse Caluida was so confedent that she was going to win the most romantic couple . Then Caulida invted Jeniffer to her party with her "boyfriend". Jeniffer took the offer but she needed to find a boyfrind in to days.Then caludia made her buy this really expensive dess that was $500.00 and she couldn't afford it. She bought it on her parents emergeny credit card. Jeniffer's plan was to return the dress after the party but Caludia spilled her fruitpuch on her and stained it so she couldn't return it.Then she met with one of Caulida's best friends Natlie (not by choice) when Jennifer and her "boyfriend" Will were at a dinner "date" . Natlie and her boyfriend Tom walked in and saw them, well the place was so packed they had to sit together and Natlie had started asking jeniffer all these question.Like where they met and when they started dating.Well jeniffer got some of them wrong and Will said something else so Natlie new something was up but didn't say anything to Caulida because she really didn't like her.Next Will kept saying things out loud like caluida is going to find out soon enough then Caulida said "i'll find out what" but jeniffer said "that we are going to win most romantic couple".That is why i think the main idea of Be mine is compition can get you hurt sometimes.

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Jeannette Lynam | 2 comments One of the themes in the novel Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins is Anxiety is hard to handle in competition. Also its making Katniss nervous because she doesn't want to kill Peeta to make it out alive. she doesn't want to kill Peeta because she's dating him and really likes him. She doesn't want to go back to the arena at all. Katniss doesn't want to die in the the arena either. She's also nervous because if she wants to live she has to decide wether or not she's going to kill Peeta. Another example of why anxiety is hard to handle is beacause it will destract Katniss during the Hunger Games. It'll distract her because she's going to be worrying about weather or not to kill Peeta. Those are some examples of why anxiety is hard to handle.

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Julia (im-sooo-cool) | 2 comments One of the themes of the novel I'm reading "It's Kind of a Funny Story" by Ned Vizzini is that depression can cause people a lot of problems with their social life, education, and their health/self. I think this is one of the themes because Craig, the main character, has been depressed for about a year, and he become too tired to get 80% of his school work done because all he wants to do is sleep as soon as he gets home. And because Craig isn't doing very well in his Executive Pre-Professional High School (from not doing most of his school work) he becomes much more stressed then he already, which leads him to start having "stress vomiting" which is when everytime he eats he vomits before it can even go to his stomach, and not having food a lot isn't very good for his health. Later, Craig's social life starts to only revolve around his smart, without studying, friend Aaron, Nia Aaron's girlfriend, their burnout friends, and pot, which doesn't help his education at all. Finally, his depression comes to the point where he's starting to consider suicide. Craig comes extremely close to going through with the suicide, he was on the brooklyn bridge, and at the last moment he pictured his family, and didn't go through with it. I think all of those examples prove that depression can screw up many things in your life.

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Kyree Capers | 2 comments I am reading Darelle revis book. wanted decided to try wrestling. That didn't work out he could not pull up his grades. So he went to try out for the football team at the high school in 9th grade he was the best cornerback in the league. Then he won two championships then he went to texas a&m for two years. Then he transferred to miami university for his last two years in college. Darelle got voted and won the HIESMAN trophy award in 08.He got drafted by the jets in 09r1 p13 and won defensive player of the year 3 times from there in his first year he got to the afc championship game and lost to the colts 33 25 from there the jets haven't won a playoff game since that is the story of MR SHUTDOWN CONER

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Alexis Anderson | 2 comments The main idea of my book "Sea Of Monsters" by Rick Riordan In The Olympian Series is "Never Give Up On Something When It Has To Be Done" Also, here is some examples why I chose that theme. The first example why I chose it is because Percy keeps having dreams about grover and he debating if he should look for grover or he shouldn't. Second reason, is Tyson was chosen as a cyclops and known as Percys "Half-Brother" he calls it. But he's starting to think that he's a monster. (Which in my opinion I don't think he is.) Anyway, he's trying to figure out who he really is because he lives in a subway in a cardboard box and his parents abanded him at a young age. The final reason is Thalias tree was poisened by somebody and Percy is starting to think it Kronos. In coclusion, those are my examples for my theme/main idea.

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Brandon Beyers (bbee3900) | 2 comments The topic in my novel is dreams. the author is trying to say that dreams come from memories and not just thoughts that you can remember in your mind, that dreams come from old memories that are found behind fragments of things that hold your lost thoughts. dreams can come from dream-givers, imaginary people that collect your forgotten thoughts and bestow them back in your mind, creating "dreams". Dreams are also a way to be reunited with your memories and important thoughts. the author is also trying to say that dreams are important because they make you remember old thoughts. The author is also trying to say that "littlest" the main character is that creating dreams isn`t easy because he expresses the way that littlest is learning how to bestow and create dreams.

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Lexie Cook  | 3 comments The ttheme to my book is death. i say this because a women in my story dies. its very tragic but lets not get into that. this family wqas supporting her in trial when theyre not supposed to because shes black and theyre white. Also the kids of the laywer bond with her by reading to her.

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