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Well after school we all meet at a little smoothie place and talk about details for the party

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This is the summary so far, at school the New Girl Tristan has a break down and Anne is trying to help her. On the way Johnny and Arelia comes to help out, they find out that Tristan has abusive parents but if they report it to the police Tristan's dad the CO (Commanding Officer) will change the story. The plan is Tristan is going to sleepover at Anne's house. Johnny finds out that Tristan is pregannt and its because his cousing Robby Zullo raped Tristan. They are all at Anne's house now and Johnny went to go talk to Robby (FIGHT!).

So everyone else that was on you will be included very soon.

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ummm jason likes jessica
rick like arelia
rachele likes johnny

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rick asked arelia if she wanted to get a smoothie

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Did he ask her over a text?

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ask her

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Never mind

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i meant he asked her

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((what was the point of creating a second rp?))

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Yeah thats true but its cool we can rp in to diffrent rps

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Nope I am just confuzzled

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ha ha I think you dont intend to

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Idk maybe

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Yeah so we need heartbroken

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I know she just posted a comment

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Bree (breej6434) umm...

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Bree (breej6434) lol, i figured

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