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name: rachele
gender: female
year in HS: junior
personality: loves to dance!!!! she is outgoing and fun loving
crush/bf: likes jonny
status: poplular

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here's how u post a pick


just take out all the periods and put a space in between the img and src

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we needs some guys

name: jason
gender: male
year in HS: Senior
personality: funny, doesn't talk to much, nice
crush/ gf: ladies...he's single
status: kinds popular
best friend:

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we need more guys

name: rick
year in HS: senior
personality: funny, outgoing, loud
crush/gf: single
status: kind of popular
best friend: jason

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lol yay!

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ⓘsⓐbεℓℓⓐ name: Anne Wiliams
year in HS: senior
personality: Outspoken, when she has an opionion on something, she says it! She isn't that shy around people, she can go to a total stranger and make a conversation with him/her.
crush/gf:Wait and See
status: New Girl
best friend: Let's see who likes her attitude

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Emily (emilyamazingxx) Name: Shayne (Shay)
Gender: Female
Year in HS(freshman to Senior): Senior
Personality: Outgoing and fun. Also, very spontaneous. A total tomboy.
Current Relation ship/Crush: Crushing on Jason
Status: Popular
Best Friend: Unsure...

A Filthy Youth groupie Name: Kaitlyn
Gender: Female
Year in HS(freshman to Senior): junior
Personality: confident, outgoing, friendly
little miss sunshine Pictures, Images and Photos
Current Relationship/Crush: none yet...
Status: popular

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Well I am here finally.

Name: Johhny Zullo
Gender: Male
Year in HS:Junior
Personality: Kind, Caring, Cool, Tought, Strong, Brave, Smart, Outgoing, Thoughtful, Enjoys Fighting
Apperance: [image error]
Current Relation ship/Crush: (Anyone?))
Status: Star Wide Receiver of football team

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can rachele like him?

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Yeah ok thats fine with me

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k thanks

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Did you want him?

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so its

jonny and rachele
aleria and rick
jason and jessica

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Yeah pretty much

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