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Author's name is WRONG

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message 1: by Jynx (new)

Jynx Any discussion should start with Who got the spelling wrong? It should be J K Rowling. No 's'!

message 2: by Avani (new)

Avani Where's the 's'? Sorry, I don't see you mean on the cover? Or do you mean there shouldn't be periods between the J and the K?

message 3: by Jerry (last edited Sep 23, 2012 05:33PM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

Jerry Wayne  Hart All the Harry Potter books have dots between the J and the K. I know the British don't use dots the same as we Americans do, but that doesn't mean it's wrong.

message 4: by Sarah (new) - added it

Sarah I thought a . was suppost to be there and i am from the USA. SOOOOO CONFUSED!!!!!

message 5: by Amy (new) - rated it 1 star

Amy I don't get what is wrong either?

Ashley Clark No, its right. J.K. Rowling I don't know how else you are supposed to write that its like that on the Hp books as well so I guess either your tripping or just plain forgot basic writing stuff.

Anne-Marie haven't read it yet, however I can request it from my public library's LINK plus-it links to all bay area and beyond libraries and then sends the book to the local library.

Micki Lou What????? Can someone explain what is wrong with the name, it is done the same on all HP novels, apart from the dots are missing from the Casual Vacancy.

message 9: by Jynx (new)

Jynx OK, I'll clear up the mystery. When I posted my comment, the descriptive text beside the book had the author's name as J K Rowlings. It has since been corrected, hence the confusion!

It's taken me so long to solve the mystery for you because I hardly ever visit this web-site any more. It's too hard to navigate. Everything's fragmented and not in any logical order.

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