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Thomas Jefferson: The Art of Power
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This is the thread for the table of contents and syllabus for the upcoming Special Spotlighted book - Thomas Jefferson: The Art of Power.

Thomas Jefferson The Art of Power by Jon Meacham by Jon Meacham Jon Meacham

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Thomas Jefferson and the Art of Power

Prologue xxv

Part I: The Scion - Beginnings to Spring 1774

Chapter One. A Fortunate Son 3
Chapter Two. What Fixed the Destinies of My Life 15
Chapter Three. Roots of Revolution 26
Chapter Four. Temptations and Trials 37
Chapter Five. A World of Desire and Denial 49

Part II: The Revolutionary - Spring 1774 to Summer 1776

Chapter Six. Like a Shock of Electricity 65
Chapter Seven. There Is No Peace 76
Chapter Eight. The Famous Mr. Jefferson 83
Chapter Nine. The Course of Human Events 96
Chapter Ten. The Pull of Duty 107

Part III: Reformer and Governor - Late 1776 to 1782

Chapter Eleven. An Agenda for Liberty 117
Chapter Twelve. A Troublesome Office 127
Chapter Thirteen. Redcoats at Monticello 135
Chapter Fourteen. To Burn on Through Death 142

Part IV: The Frustrated Congressman - Late 1782 to Mid-1984

Chapter Fifteen. return to the Arena 151
Chapter Sixteen. A struggle for Respect 159
Chapter Seventeen. Lost Cities and Life Counsel 164

Part V: A Man of the World - 1785 to 1789

Chapter Eighteen. The Vaunted Scene of Europe 175
Chapter Nineteen. The Philosophical World 183
Chapter Twenty. His Head and His Heart 191
Chapter Twenty One. Do You Like Our New Constitution? 199
Chapter Twenty Two. A Treaty in Paris 210

Part VI: The First Secretary of State - 1789 to 1792

Chapter Twenty Three. A New Post in New York 225
Chapter Twenty Four. Mr. Jefferson Is Greatly Too Democratic 240
Chapter Twenty Five. Two Cocks in the Pit 252
Chapter Twenty Six. The End of a Stormy Tour 264

Part VII: The Leader of the Opposition - 1793 to 1800

Chapter Twenty Seven. In Wait at Monticello 275
Chapter Twenty Eight. To the Vice Presidency 291
Chapter Twenty Nine. The Reign of Witches 303
Chapter Thirty. Adams vs. Jefferson Redux 314
Chapter Thirty One. A Desperate State of Affairs 324

Part VIII: The President of the United States - 1801 to 1809

Chapter Thirty Two. The new Order of Things Begins 357
Chapter Thirty Three. A Confident President 350
Chapter Thirty Four. Victories, Scandal, and a Secret Sickness 362
Chapter Thirty Five. The Air of Enchantment! 372
Chapter Thirty Six. The People Were Never More Happy 383
Chapter Thirty Seven. A Deep, Dark, and Widespread Conspiracy 404
Chapter Thirty Eight. This Damned Embargo 414
Chapter Thirty Nine. A Farewell to Ultimate Power 425

Part IX: The Master of Monticello - 1809 to The End

Chapter Forty. My Body, Mind and Affairs 435
Chapter Forty One. To Form Statesmen, Legislators, and Judges 451
Chapter Forty Two. The Knell of the Union 462
Chapter Forty Three. No, Doctor, Nothing More 477

Epilogue: All Honor to Jefferson 485
Author's Notes and Acknowledgements 495
Notes 503

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Week One - November 19th - November 25th -> Prologue, Chapters ONE, TWO, and THREE p. xxv - 36
Prologue - The World's Best Hope, ONE - A Fortunate Son, TWO - What Fixed the Destinies of My Life, and THREE - Roots of Revolution

Week Two - November 26th - December 2nd -> Chapters FOUR, FIVE, and SIX p. 37 - 75
FOUR - Temptations and Trials, FIVE - A World of Desire and Denial, and SIX - Like a Shock of Electricity

Week Three - December 3rd - December 9th -> Chapters SEVEN, EIGHT, NINE, and TEN p. 76 - 116
SEVEN - There Is No Peace, EIGHT - The Famous Mr. Jefferson, NINE - The Course of Human Events, and TEN - The Pull of Duty

Week Four - December 10th - December 16th -> Chapters ELEVEN, TWELVE, THIRTEEN, and FOURTEEN p. 117 - 150
ELEVEN - An Agenda for Liberty, TWELVE - A Troublesome Office, THIRTEEN - Redcoats at Monticello

Week Five - December 17th - December 23rd -> Chapters FOURTEEN, FIFTEEN, SIXTEEN, SEVENTEEN, and EIGHTEEN p. 151 - 182
FOURTEEN - To Burn on Through Death, FIFTEEN - Return to the Arena, SIXTEEN - A Struggle for Respect, SEVENTEEN - Lost Cities and Life Counsel, and EIGHTEEN - The Vaunted Scene of Europe

Week Six - December 24th - December 30th -> Chapters NINETEEN, TWENTY, TWENTY ONE, and TWENTY TWO p. 183 - 224
NINETEEN - The Philosophical World, TWENTY - His Head and His Heart, TWENTY ONE - Do You Like Our New Constitution?, TWENTY TWO - A Treaty in Paris

Week Seven - December 31st - January 6th -> Chapters TWENTY THREE, TWENTY FOUR, TWENTY FIVE, and TWENTY SIX p. 225 - 274
TWENTY THREE - A New Post in New York, TWENTY FOUR - Mr. Jefferson Is Greatly Too Democratic, TWENTY FIVE - Two Cocks in the Pit, and TWENTY SIX - The End of a Stormy Tour

Week Eight - January 7th - January 13th -> Chapters TWENTY SEVEN, TWENTY EIGHT, TWENTY NINE, and THIRTY p. 275 - 323
TWENTY SEVEN - In Wait at Monticello, TWENTY EIGHT - To the Vice Presidency, TWENTY NINE - The Reign of Witches, and THIRTY - Adams vs. Jefferson Redux

Week Nine - January 14th - January 20th -> Chapters THIRTY ONE, THIRTY TWO, THIRTY THREE, and THIRTY FOUR p. 324 - 371
THIRTY ONE - A Desperate State of Affairs, THIRTY TWO - The New Order of Things Begins, THIRTY THREE - A Confident President, and THIRTY FOUR - Victories, Scandal, and a Secret Sickness

Week Ten - January 21st - January 27th -> Chapters THIRTY FIVE, THIRTY SIX, THIRTY SEVEN, and THIRTY EIGHT p. 372 - 424
THIRTY FIVE - The Air of Enchantment!, THIRTY SIX The People Were Never More Happy, THIRTY SEVEN - A Deep, Dark, and Widespread Conspiracy, and THIRTY EIGHT - This Damned Embargo

Week Eleven - January 28th - February 3rd -> Chapters THIRTY NINE, FORTY, FORTY ONE, and FORTY TWO
THIRTY NINE - A Farewell to Ultimate Power, FORTY - My Body, Mind and Affairs, FORTY ONE - To Form Statesman, Legislators, and Judges, and FORTY TWO - The Knell of the Union

Week Twelve - February 4th - February 10th -> Chapters Forty THREE, EPILOGUE, AUTHOR'S NOTE AND ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS

Week Thirteen - February 11th - February 17th - > FINAL THOUGHTS AND BOOK AS A WHOLE

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