Kingdom of the Wicked (Skulduggery Pleasant, #7) Kingdom of the Wicked question

Do you think that Valkyrie will have the strength to stop Darquess?

From the way the story flows, i don't think so. She would be needing someone else to remind her who she is.


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I think Valkyrie's reflection will become Darquesse...did anyone lese pick up on that?

EvaCatReads I thought that the very first time Darquesse was mentioned
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deleted user Yeah I think so too
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she seems to enjoy having darquess
in her concsious

I agree with Hud-c. Valkyrie is only a teenage girl with IMMENSE power at hand. She knows her true name and that's a very, very big thing. Look at what happened to Agreddion.

Valkyrie knows her true name and since then she has been much more of a big headed person, look at Argeddion, look where power got him, he thought he was supreme and look at how Val acts to that? She thinks she is all, she is very selfish too, since she knows her true name.
But she is a very strong willed character with emotions and feelings, she cried, CRIED when she saw the torn remainds of Michael's body in the house.
For fighting off Darquesse i think Lord Vile shall have to play a major role, and Skulduggery can control Lord Vile in some sort of way, wasnt he able to stop the fight first in 'Death Bringer'? Skulduggery did claim that he is willing to leave everything behind, forget about everything and watch over Darquesse if she wanted to be in a cell. That was so sweet of him, but i dont think that will work, but Skulduggery/Vile will HAVE to help Valkyrie/Darquesse, he promised her so many times.
She will fight against it, but um...this Shunning is kind of disturbing me...i was also hoping that while they went Shunning in the past...they would see Skulduggery, as a man. Who wants to see Skulduggery fleshed up? I picture him with black hair and blue eyes! But...we never know! I was so hoping for that! *sobs*
Anyway, she WILL fight off Darquesse, if NOT, then Skul's got his gun at her head and a finger on the trigger. He would, and Valkyrie would risk each others lives to save the world!
*claps and cries*
Oh and....SPOILER: Carol is dead. I didnt even cry... i was kinda happy, and im actually grinning right not nice of me. I dont like the twins, BUT HEY! FERGUS WILL FIND OUT! HE IS MAGIC TOO, REMEMBER?!?! Oh My God...the last 2 books will be bomb blasts!
*waits till August 2013...*

I think that Valkyrie would only be able to stop Darquesse in the final moment. Like, right before Darquesse does something that Valkyrie hates completely, Valkyrie finds the strength to defeat Darquesse.

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