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Romance:) boarding school?

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Can they be roommates?

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One please

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Can u b the girl?

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Oh sorry lol can *I be the girl?

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Lol ok heres my character

Pic: http://data.whicdn.com/images/2435312...
Personality: shy, funny, love singing and loves to have fun

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Cool. Wanna start?

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Ok I'll start:)

Emma finally found her dorm and walk in. She sat on one of the beds, wondering who her roommate might be

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((I don't rp sex))

She smiled when he walked in "hi"

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((yeah I guess))

She smiled "I'm Emma" she took out her hand

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She sat back down and bit her lips slightly "well um..welcome to this school. I'm guessing your from somewhere else right? I'm from Florida"

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She nodded "oh cool" she smiled "so what are you like?" she said next to him, wanting to know more about him

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"um..tell me stuff about yourself like what's your favorite sport or song. I want to know you better if we are going to be roommates" she smiled

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She nodded "oh well um...there's a party at my friend's dorm. Wanna come?" she smiled

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"great!" she stood up, took his hand and walked out the dorm

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When they got there Emma let go off his hand and walked in. The dorm was full with people and with loud music blasting. Emma took a drink and drank it all in one gulp "what some?" she smiled at Chris

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She nodded and drank another one. She started to feel dizzy. She laughed and hugged him tightly "whoa...your hot!" she laughed drunkenly

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She drank another cup then pulled back "you should really drink this!" she snatched another cup and showed him the beer

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She shrugged "oh well" she drank it then wrapped her arms around him.

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She smiled and kissed him deeply

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She pushed him against the wall and kissed him roughly

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She frowned "what? Why?! I'm not drunk!" she lied and ran her hands up his shirt, reaching closer to kiss him again

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She frowned "come on...your suppose to have fun. You don't like me do you?" she asked as she drank another cup

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She rolled her eyes "you suck" she mumbled and started dancing crazy with another guy as he smiled at her

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The guy pushed her against the wall and started kissing her roughly. Emma truer pulling back but the guy forced her to stay still against the wall as he kissed her

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Emma wipe her mouth "man he was a bad kisser!"

The guy looked at Chris "what the hell is your problem man?!"

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The guy pushed Chris hard "answer me dumb ass! Why the hell did you do that?!" he yelled

Emma looked at them then pushed the guy "man screw off"

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"oh her name is Emma...nice to meet you Emma" he smirked and wrapped his arms around her waist as he kissed down her neck

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The guy groaned and punched Chris right in the face.

Emma screamed "stop it!!" she tried pushing the guy away

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The guy looked at him angrily and punched his stomach hard.

"please stop!!" Emma cried and got in front of Chris. The guy was about to hit Chris but instead he hit Emma in the face coz she was in the way

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Emma gasped when he hit her. She put her hand over her bloodily nose and ran out the dorm as she cried

the guy's eyes widened when he noticed that he hit her. He just ran off quickly

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Emma sat on the floor as she sobbed in pain

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She leaned on him as she sobbed "I'm so sorry..I'm stupid. I'm just so stupid!"

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She looked at him "how hard did he hurt you? Are you okay?" she asked with watery eyes and blood still coming from her nose as she tried covering it with her hand

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"you need to go to the nurse" she said with worry

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SaphireJoashia | 4738 comments ((hi, this is Saphire, I forgot to post on here after I created this account))

He shook his head, "I'm fine."

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