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message 2: by Geoffrey (new)

Geoffrey Wakeling | 12 comments Hi all, my FB page is:


message 3: by Kristen (last edited Sep 19, 2012 01:52PM) (new)

Kristen Taber | 78 comments Great idea! I've liked everyone above. My site is

(and yikes, sorry Proud Book Nerd, I just realized I hadn't "liked" you embarrassing! I thought I did that ages ago!)

message 4: by Jessi, <~}{{Faery Queen**aka**PixiBell}{{~> (new)

Jessi Overton (pixibell) | 281 comments Mod
There will be a Facebook page as well as a webpage. I just haven't decided how I want to set them up yet. Stay tuned for that little bit of news

@Ashley: Great thread!!!

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Gary Markwick (garymarkwick) | 9 comments Hi everyone,
My facebook page is
Best wishes

message 6: by Jessi, <~}{{Faery Queen**aka**PixiBell}{{~> (new)

Jessi Overton (pixibell) | 281 comments Mod
Hey all our group facebook page is:

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M.O. Kenyan (mo_author) | 16 comments Jessi wrote: "Hey all our group facebook page is:"

hey I tried to open it but a notification comes up saying content not available

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M.O. Kenyan (mo_author) | 16 comments hey guys my facebook page is

find details about my book Shades of Spring 1964; Letters to my daughter.
hey guys check out my book Maxine tries to deal with her mother’s death in her own way. But when she finds old letters revealing her family’s past she finds herself creating a bond with someone else, not knowing how far their history goes. Tay
lor is amused and infuriated with Marine, and no matter how hard he tries he can’t stay away from her. Now he finds himself being her main supporter, the only one she can lean on as she travels back to the past. And when the past is resolved they now ... See Morehave to think of their futures, while they concentrate on their present.

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