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message 1: by Moloch (last edited Sep 13, 2012 06:47AM) (new)

Moloch | 3049 comments Hello, I see there are 2 author profiles, one is for David Perkins
and one is for David N. Perkins
(I didn't create neither of them, they were already on GR).

Since the books by "David N. Perkins" were mainly on education and learning, and there were a few by "David Perkins" about English literature, I began to attribute (manually editing the author's name on each book) the books about education to "David N.", leaving the books about English literature to "David".

But almost every cover says only "David Perkins", so I'm beginning to think it's just one person (also, some books are about teaching English lit.). Can someone confirm this, or point me to a reliable source where I can find it?
If they are the same person, the profile should be "David Perkins" or "David N. Perkins"?


message 2: by Barth (new)

Barth Siemens (barthsiemens) I reviewed the Library of Congress (Name) Authorities and the Canadian Amicus catalogue. There are literally more David Perkins than I can shake a stick at. In short, David N. Perkins wrote The Eureka Effect, among other titles; another David Perkins wrote A History of Modern Poetry, among other titles.

You've got your work set out for you. :-)

message 3: by Moloch (new)

Moloch | 3049 comments Thank you very much: I think I have sorted out all the books in Goodreads by David N. Perkins and David Perkins (except this one: Could be a third David Perkins)

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