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message 1: by Zella (new)

Zella Compton | 4 comments ISBN: 978-1-906132-26-2
PRICE: UK £7.99
FORMAT: Paperback
AVAILABLE: Sept 2012

by Zella Compton and Jess Swainson
Publisher: Mogzilla
cover image from

Thank you! I am now going to nip back to the guidelines and make sure I have put everything needed in here . . . . might have to comment on my comment with extra bits and pieces - pls stay with me!

message 2: by Zella (new)

Zella Compton | 4 comments I forgot the description, what a nugget!

Half book, half graphic-novel, The Ten Rules of Skimming is the debut novel by Zella Compton. It has amazing artwork by artist Jess Swainson on every page.

Ever had the shivery feeling that someone is ‘walking over your grave’? It’s someone skimming your soul.

Adam finds that skimming brings an amazing rush but joy riding across minds comes with risks.
When he meets Jenny-Ray, he learns about the Board, with their list of approved ‘hosts’ to visit. The consequences of disobedience are terrifying.

‘Adam opened his eyes lazily, his grandfather’s
muttering was proof that breath still made it in and out of his lungs. He sat perfectly still, trying to
prolong the dream. He’d been so cold. But now the heat was creeping through him, inch by inch spreading upwards into his arms and into his hands. Hands that lay encased in his grandfather’s hands. How had that happened?’

This book contains evocative writing and artwork. In places, the subject matter is gritty, for example: a fatal car crash and kidnapping.

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Emy (emypt) | 5029 comments Onto it :)

EDIT: Here
Only missing page numbers now.

The Ten Rules of Skimming by Zella Compton

message 4: by Zella (new)

Zella Compton | 4 comments Hi thanks, it looks great! 176 pages X

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rivka | 42488 comments Mod
Pages added.

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Zella Compton | 4 comments thank you so much. X

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rivka | 42488 comments Mod
Zella, have you claimed your author profile yet?

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