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Lisa Tuvalo A good read about a malevolent human being and a reflection on society.

Thaisa Frank Also kind of a feat to create a dislikable 1st person unreliable narrator and keep people reading.

Karl What if the Dwarf was really just another side of the Prince?

Thaisa Frank I'm sure the Dwarf is another side of the Prince. But Is Prince another side of the Dwarf?

Karl Huh?

Karl That's just the same thing.

Karl That's just the same thing.

Thaisa Frank I think it's far more abstract---the Dwarf aggrandizes himself in concrete ways because he feels so bad about himself. We dont quite get the same perspective on the prince, although we might infer it on a non-absract level.

Nanci Svensson Why is that dwarf so morose? He's got it made in the entertainment industry, right. Really, I do love lagerqvist but this book- nah. Barabbas is a good read.

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