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Kim (mrsnesbitt) | 629 comments Mod
I just finished the newest book by Tim Dorsey. He is delightfully twisted and has unique turns of phrase that I incorporate into my daily vernacular. For example, "crock pot of slow cooked bullshit", and the newest one, "we crossed the turnstile to that amusement park ages ago". I have picked up unique ways of expressing myself over the years from the literature I read. I know that in common circles, most phrases are either unique to the group dynamic,by race, or region, or that they come from movies or t.v. I must say that my friends tend to quote movies and books. I also am prone to comming up with my own words, like "dorknut" and it's sister word "dorkf***" for someone who really screwed up. I also use the phrase "f***nut/f***nutstupid", and "f***stupid". And more recently "too old to ninja". One of my friends is prone to use the pharase "dingle nuts" which promted a whole other thing...(Vulture, I know you are laughing). I detour. Sorry, but my train of thought frequently derails at the station.

I guess that is my point. Do any of you get your turns of phrase from the books you read? Do you know of any common phrases that have come from books? (I love trivia and would love to add to my vast mental file cabinets). Do you think that literature once gave way to common vernacular like movies and television do now or do you think that only a small percent has always and only been influenced by the words we read?

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A. | 59 comments I think books and literature do and have influenced our way of not only talking but thinking...that's why they burn so many.
keep in mind, books have been around a whole lot longer that T.V. has.
And yes...I am laughing....Gotta love those dingle nuts!

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Kim (mrsnesbitt) | 629 comments Mod
Good point.

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