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Tierra Encantada | 76 comments Mod
Gatsby's actions in preparing for Daisy's arrival seem both flamboyant and absurd. What does he do? Why?

Josh Smith | 18 comments Gatsby's actions before Daisy's arrival seem flamboyant and absurd because he has nicks grass cut, and had numerous flowers and cakes delivered to nicks house. also when he arrived "Gatsby, in a white flannel suit, silver shirt and gold-colored tie, hurried in. He was pale and there were dark signs of sleeplessness beneath his eyes." the reason behind his actions are that he is nervous.

message 3: by Lyon (new)

Lyon Rivera | 16 comments Daisy arrives at Nick's house for tea instead of at Gatsby's house, but Gatsby provides all of the utensils, flowers, pastries, and tea for the meeting. It made it seem that Nick was incapable of having company. Gatsby also had Nick's lawn mowed for him. "I realize now that under different circumstances that conversation might have been one of the crises of my life."

message 4: by Mayra (new)

Mayra | 21 comments Gastby's actions befor Daisy's arrival were flamboyant and both absurd, because he was trying to hard to get everything perfect, nice and ready before daisy showed up. Gatsby even had Nick's Grass cut. Gatsby had all the utensils there was going to be needed.
and the day of the arrival of Daisy, Gatsby enters with a nice suit and very nervously and he also looks very tired.

message 5: by Jesus (new)

Jesus | 21 comments On pg 81 it says that Gatsby had suppressed eagerness. Because Gatsby sent someone to mow Nick's lawn I'm guessing he wants everything to be somewhat perfect. On pg 84 in the second paragraph it reveals that Gatsby is nerves and sleepy as well "... the front door opened nervously, and Gatsby, ... , hurried in." "There were dark signs of sleepessness."

message 6: by Andrea (new)

Andrea | 18 comments He is nervous becuase she is coming, he gives up because he thinks she is not gonna show up, and he acts like a child around her. "gatsby, pale as death, with his hands plunged like weights in his coat pockets" (pg 86) " nobody is coming to tea. It's too late!" (pg 85) "oh god, this is a terrible mistake, a terrible, terrible mistake." (pg 87)

message 7: by Drew (new) - rated it 1 star

Drew | 19 comments Gatsby is nervous because daisy is coming, he gives up because he thinks she is not gonna show up he acts childish around daisy. Gatsby gets nick lawn cut,sends lots of cakes and flowers to nicks house all in desperation to wow her one way he acts crazy is right before when he says "oh god, this is a terrible mistake, a terrible, terrible mistake."pg 87

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