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message 1: by Gertie (new)

Gertie (gertiebird) | 12 comments I found out about this cool new series yesterday and had to come share. It is called Ora et Labora et Zombies, and the book is broken up into letters which are sent to you. (If you start the series late then you get two at a time until you are caught up.)

I don't think you can get them via Amazon - instead you use this site: http://www.laboraeditions.com/p/ora-e...

I'm going to buy some soon for someone's birthday - should make a fun gift.

message 2: by Toby (new)

Toby (shiv379) Bought the first pack (1-6) just now - will take a while to arrive in UK!
I wish it was a little cheaper tho, by the time you've collected the whole "story" it's going to work out very expensive!

message 3: by Gertie (new)

Gertie (gertiebird) | 12 comments Yeah, it won't be cheap — I'm choosing to see it as paying for a different experience than the standard formats, kind of a you-get-what-you-pay-for approach. I'm going to get my bro-in-law started on these for his birthday. He may hate me later if it gets him addicted. :-P

message 4: by David P (new)

David P Forsyth (daidpforsyth) | 352 comments FYI. Saul Tanpepper has a zombie series that is available through Amazon as a serial. It's 8 parts and you get to update your edition every month with a new installment. I bought mine at #4 and got an update recently. It looks like Amazon has used his model for their new "serial" program announced last week. Saul just used the system edition update function to create a trend. I'm happy to say that he will be joining me at ApocaCon next month.

Grab GAMELAND Episodes 1-8 at http://www.amazon.com/GAMELAND-Episod...

And please like http://www.facebook.com/ApocaCon

message 5: by Mary (new)

Mary | 18 comments This is cool, I know someone I want to get them for. Great Christmas present!

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