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message 1: by Dark Princess (new)

Dark Princess (NightPrincess-S) | 48 comments Mod
Ok then heres the chat room!

message 2: by Johns (new)

Johns | 17 comments .... Aloha!

I felt a strong urge to say something.

message 3: by Amanda :) (new)

Amanda :) (Pbear16) Hello this works thankyou

message 4: by Johns (new)

Johns | 17 comments ...What? Lol

message 5: by Amanda :) (new)

Amanda :) (Pbear16) To understand me you may need a translater but i said hello to everyone
And i asked for the chat room and it was made so thankyou

message 6: by Johns (new)

Johns | 17 comments Oh! :P I've been out of it all day, so..... Yeah.

message 7: by Heather (new)

Heather Amanda translator at your service.

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