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Tanecia  (books101) | 3781 comments Mod
What is Read It & Reap?
Our Read It & Reap program is designed with authors in mind. Our goal is to help indie and self-published authors promote their books. If you are signing up to review Please Remember you have 2 weeks to read and review and post the links to your review on this page! For more information about RI&R and our Rules & Requirements click here:

Title: Revamp
Author: Beck Sherman
Genre: New Adult Horror


News reporters scrambled. This was the biggest story to come along in weeks.
They called it a blackout.
The last one was in New York City in 2003, but this one was different, special, because the grids in six major cities across the country had been fried, kaput, see-you-next-Sunday. Everyone with some jurisdiction blamed each other, and when there was no one left to blame, terrorism rode in on its gallant steed.
It was the media’s fault. They were so busy stuffing fanatical Muslims with a penchant for Allah and decapitations down the American citizen’s throat, that they never saw it coming. I guess I shouldn’t be too hard on them.
They were partially right.
It was terror after all, but a whole new kind. And when the lights came back on, things had changed.

The dark had brought us visitors.

The first 20 people to sign up leaving their email address and preferred format will receive this free ebook for review!

Review Due Date: October 2, 2012


Jilleen | 71 comments Jill

Lainy (lainythebookdragon) epub please

message 4: by Brandon (new)

Brandon Mudd (brandonwmudd) Kurt Bali ePub

message 5: by Julissa (new) - added it

Julissa (ta2kitty) | 35 comments
mobi, please

pinK (pinkspo0n) | 32 comments I prefer mobi.

Suzanne Pringle | 120 comments ooo sounds intriguing!! please :) :)

message 8: by Mike (new)

Mike Schnurr (coastermike99)

Christina Townsend pdf please! :)

message 10: by Farah (new)

Farah (farah1221) Been a while since you posted a book that's my type! Sign me up, ePub please.

message 11: by Lily (new) - rated it 4 stars

Lily | 180 comments Not volunteering for the read, since I already read it. Just wanted to pop in and say this book was great! Really really really creepy beginning!!!!

Alysson (gypsyraja) | 2 comments .mobi please. :)

message 13: by Ash (new)

Ash Mitchell | 1 comments Sign me up, please
I'd prefer epub

message 14: by Lori (new) - added it

Lori Rook (darandlar) | 9 comments Mobi please.

Daisy Sloan | 54 comments Pick Me! Pick me!

mobi please or PDF

Adrianne (adriannenars) | 0 comments :) epub please! :)

Renetta | 54 comments Mobi please!

Valkiery | 18 comments I would like a Mobi please!

Kristin | 11 comments Sounds interesting
ePub please

Lisa Cox would love to read and review
can use any format- mobi, epub, or pdf

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Sheri | 12327 comments Mod
I'd like this one too :) (mobi)

message 22: by Tanecia (new)

Tanecia  (books101) | 3781 comments Mod
If I skipped anyone let me know! :D

message 23: by Sue (last edited Sep 11, 2012 07:51PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Sue (sassysue08) I probably missed but sign me up anyway for EPUB.

Lorrie Schumacher (lorrieschumacher) Would love to kindle edition...if still available...Thanks

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Candy Smith candy....
kindle edition

message 26: by Sheri, Bookworm (new) - rated it 4 stars

Sheri | 12327 comments Mod
Featured book today on the Shut Up & Read blog!

Shambhawi P. (shambhawip) | 15 comments Is it still open? If then epub please.

message 28: by Bai (new) - rated it 4 stars

Bai (sleepy_reader) | 112 comments Is there any left???


Rachel (aka Ms4Tune) (rachel254) | 26 comments If there's any left I'd love a pdf of this one please.

Sophia-Maria (augustineofelsinore) | 15 comments i'd love to read it of there's any left!

Yzabel Ginsberg (yzabelginsberg) | 247 comments - epub, please - If there's still room left. :

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Natale (natalegarrett) | 2 comments mobi plz

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Thomas Mcbride | 1 comments

Olivia (envyanime) | 44 comments better late than never... MOBI

message 35: by Tanecia (new)

Tanecia  (books101) | 3781 comments Mod
Yes, there are still some copies left but I will have to send them to you guys later on today.

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Ayla (aylatheresa) | 166 comments Maybe next time got here too late, lol

Carol | 78 comments I have already read and reviewed this book. I would recommend this if you enjoy a good story and vampires. I gave it 5* and it deserves at least that.

Elisa  (ocdreader) | 11 comments Bummer! I gotta get on these faster! IF any are still left, would love to read/review.
mobi format.

Olivia (envyanime) | 44 comments Tt wrote: "Yes, there are still some copies left but I will have to send them to you guys later on today."


message 40: by Ayla (new) - added it

Ayla (aylatheresa) | 166 comments cool if you have any left, my email is, thanks!

message 41: by a_tiffyfit (new)

a_tiffyfit | 57 comments mobi to please! Thanks!

Jodie | 61 comments i would love one if its not to late! epub please

message 43: by Tanecia (new)

Tanecia  (books101) | 3781 comments Mod
Sent Up to Here: Sign Ups Closed!!!

Thanks everyone!

message 44: by Bai (new) - rated it 4 stars

Bai (sleepy_reader) | 112 comments Thanks Tt!!!! ^_^

message 45: by Beck (new)

Beck Sherman | 4 comments Thank you, Tt, for hosting this, and thanks to everyone who signed up for a review copy! I do hope you enjoy Revamp : )

message 46: by Tanecia (new)

Tanecia  (books101) | 3781 comments Mod
Beck wrote: "Thank you, Tt, for hosting this, and thanks to everyone who signed up for a review copy! I do hope you enjoy Revamp : )"

Thanks for offering your book to our group!

Olivia (envyanime) | 44 comments really excited, Thank you for the book. Trying to finish up at work so I can start!

message 48: by pinK (new) - rated it 5 stars

pinK (pinkspo0n) | 32 comments I finished up this book last night, and my review can be found here.

Oh jeez! Thanks so much for the copy of this book! It was fantastic. My favourite read so far this month.

message 49: by Miranda (new)

Miranda Cain-Morton (mirandacain)
PDF format

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