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Did I miss something?! Does anyone know what happened to Gideon that makes him broken and afraid? I've read this book twice. And I'm not sure if I just missed it or its not in this book, but will be in Redlected in You?
Jen Jen Sep 11, 2012 01:26PM
Sorry for the long question. Can anyone answer this?! Thanks!

In a normal book we would know what happened to Gideon. Authors usually develop their characters, sadly Sylvia Day missed that semester of her creative writing class at the local community college.

I hated the book, simply because it wasn't a complete novel. Even in a trilogy, each book should stand on their own.

Carolina In the 2nd book the author gives away of what happened to Gideon when he was a child, but we couldn't understand why his mother wouldn't believe him. ...more
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Steph LJ I understand having a trilogy,and a story line that threads throughout multiple books. But, introducing a plot point, then abandoning it in the course ...more
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i loved this book

Mx3 (last edited Sep 11, 2012 07:49PM ) Sep 11, 2012 02:35PM   0 votes
You will have to wait until Oct. 2 to find out. Little clues for me point to sexual abuse when Gideon was a child.

it is explained in book 2

It's been hinted that he was sexually abused. Eva seemed suspicious about his mom when she met her, saying that there was an affection there that went beyond what a mother should feel for her son. But nothing concrete other than that.

No they don't delve into what happened to him. You only get a glimpse from his dreams and certain things he says.

Sylvia Day said that this book was inspired by her characters from Seven Years to Sin. I've read that book (which is AMAZING btw) and the Hero prostituted himself to make money because although his stepfather gave him a suger cane plantation to cultivate as his own, he never gave him any resources to help it flourish. He also didn't want any of his stepfather's money so he whored himself to make the money that he needed.

I wonder if Gideon might have done the same thing? So some things from Bared to You hint at what happened to Alistair Caulfield in Seven Years to Sin.

what is seven years to sin !

The next novel Entwined with you is gonna be Gideon's story

I agree with Mx3. That is how it seems to me

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To be honest I think that either Dr. Terry Lucas had a hand in abusing Gideon or his stepfather had a hand in it. That is why the house is hell to him and he never really goes there for anything. Although his stepfather wasnt really mentioned in either of the books except for the garden party that they had hosted for Vidal Records, it still seems more likely that both could have been factors in it also.

He is terrified because of what happens when he sleeps for starters. Did you miss that in the book? Not to mention the the family problems which has not been revealed yet.

Yes, the part you're looking for about Gideon's fears can be found in Reflected In You.

He told Eva he was sexually abused by the intern working with the doctor. He was being left alone with the intern while the doctor--can't remember his name was spending his time with his mother. The tension between the doctor and Gideon is resulting from this time and the doctor denying the abuse--despite evidence

I'm aware that he was sexually abused I just wasn't sure what happened and if I missed something in bared to you. I've read reflected in you and we find out what happened!

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It becomes clearer in the next book.

Clearly his was sexually abused, but I think it was from a woman and not a man

It just showed some hints.
I thinks someone had sexually abused him when he was a child (like what Mx3 said). And that (I'm not so sure) the abuser is a guy(male), just based on Gideon's reference while having a nightmare.
Looking forward to "Reflected in You" :)

reading the first book I think it was his mom that abuse right now reading the second book.

He tells Eva that the only place he's had CONSENSUAL sex was the hotel, which implies that he has been raped. He also asks Eva in the library at his parents' house, after telling her she doesn't do "anal play", if she had ever unwittingly been aroused during anal rape--I think that goes back to him masturbating during his nightmare. I think it's pretty obvious that that is the issue, and his relationship (or lack thereof) with his family points to their guilt.

I may have to read this again before the new book comes out as I've forgotten most of it.
Unfortunately, I've deleted it from my kindle so will have to repurchase it.

Jen wrote: "Sorry for the long question. Can anyone answer this?! Thanks!"

It has not been revealed yet... We are hoping for an insight in Reflected!! Which should be out by October 12...

Jen wrote: "Sorry for the long question. Can anyone answer this?! Thanks!"

Yes the answer is in the second book

I don't think they every do tell us what happened to him but I suspect sexual abuse by his brother which is why he is terrified to let the girl go near him.

I didnt think of his brother being Gideon's abuser, your right, Adriana, and I didnt like the doctor either, (dont remember is name)and Gideon's reaction towards him was strange.

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