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Exzetta Am I the only reader who wants her with Leif? I cannot stand Dank.

Katie I feel like things are over with Leif. I'm thinking that the third book will involve the guy she was dating before Dank. They guy who would be her soulmate if not for Dank. I hate that name, btw.

Exzetta Well my sister brought up a very good point. That neither have Pagan's best interest at hand. They both "need" or "want" her for selfish reasons. I say that the soul mate will be the one who does want what is best for HER. Now THAT would make a great ending to this series.

Katie I think it would be VERY difficult for her to be with Dank for a long period of time. I don't necessarily dislike his character, but I don't think he is the best choice for her. Too much goes along with that, besides the fact that he can't "keep" her.

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