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Who thinks it is annoying that the release date is all the way in next year

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Adete I really like the infernal devices but it is so frustrating that the next book is coming out next year. I really need to know if Tessa ends up Will or Jem.

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Alexandra It is beyond annoying - its heartbreakingly infuriating. I really hope she ends up with Will.

Gabby Yeah, it's annoying. But Cassandra has a life, too. and she's concentrating on the Mortal Instruments movie. I think it's a reasonable amount of time to wait.

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bailey It's totally annoying that they put the release date so far away! I don't want to have to wait THAT long. :P I need to know if Tessa end up with Will. I really hope she does. I think Jen is going to die in the next book, so hopefully *fingers crossed* Tessa ends up with Will.

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Hannah I aggrivates me to no end!!!!!!!!! I don't want to wait to see if Tessa and Will end up together. Let it happen!!

Greta Every time I read a "spoiler" clip it just makes it worse. I'm a sucker for a happy ending and it's driving me crazy because I think the best I'm going to get with this series is a bittersweet one.
6months -year is usually my maximum wait time

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Nicole D. It's torture.But City of Heavenly Fire is not till 2014.So I am happy we only have to wait around 6 months I think for Clockwork Princess.But still it's torture and all the teaser clips are making it even more painful.

Gabby Well, the world better not end in 2012. I need to know if she ends up with Jem or not :P

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