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message 1: by J.D. (new)

J.D. Stroube | 27 comments Divinity is the sequel to Clandestine...

What makes it unique from other books?
Is the plot similar to Clandestine?

message 2: by Nikki (new)

Nikki Palm | 142 comments Mod
Probably the most unique asspect of Divinity is Lucy. She is a spunky blind girl who has been blind since birth. She has an amazing personality and has connections to the supernatural world that wouldn't normally be expected from a blind person.

The plot is similar in the sense that it is a race to extinguish the vampires before you become dinner. However, this one has many more twists and turns that will keep you guessing. Not everyone is who they seem and Emily and the gang must be on guard. Many surprises and secrets are revealed and relationships established.

message 3: by Nikki (new)

Nikki Palm | 142 comments Mod
Since the kiddos have gone to school, I have been able to get a lot done with Divinity. It's funny, but it's starting to go down a path I wasn't expecting. I had one rout mapped out in my head and something etirely different is taking shape.

I love the new direction the book has headed and think it will mean big things for the series. Each of the characters are getting their chance to shine in one way or another. Secrets are discovered, promises broken, lives lost and romances kindled. Nothing will be the same after this one. Some of the characters won't be able to ralley after this.

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