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message 1: by Matthew (new)

Matthew Weber (matthewweber) | 22 comments Hey folks,

I'm working on my second book. My first was a kind of small-town political drama called The Bull, but the next will be a total departure. It's a collection of contemporary horror stories.

Anyway the purpose for the post is to gather your impressions on the working title, which is "Tales of Screaming Madness."

So how does that title strike you? Too silly? Too tongue-in-cheek? Or does it sound super-cool and kind of "retro" (what I was hoping). Would you buy an anthology titled "Tales of Screaming Madness"?

I figured, where better to ask such a question than a message-board full of readers of a horror fiction?
Thanks in advance for your feedback.

message 2: by Randy (new)

Randy Harmelink | 1639 comments I think I would prefer just "Tales of Madness". I'm not sure the "Screaming" adds much...?

message 3: by Matthew (new)

Matthew Weber (matthewweber) | 22 comments Thanks, Randy. Although, to me "tales of madness" sounds a little boring and derivative. The "screaming" was supposed to add some punch to it, but if that's not how it hit you, then that's exactly the kind of feedback I need to hear. Besides, the stories aren't really all about madness; I was just rolling with the title idea. The style of stories are somewhat cynical, fast-paced and meant to have a bit of a drive-in movie feel -- but more "Roger Corman" than "Hammer Studios" in tone. So I'd like the title to sound catchy, a little old-fashioned, but with a hint of tongue-in-cheekiness. I also considered "Tales that Make God Scream", but I'm not willing to go that blasphemous ;)

message 4: by Scot (new)

Scot | 639 comments how about one of these :
- Tales of Blinding Darkness
- Silent Screams of Madness

message 5: by Matthew (new)

Matthew Weber (matthewweber) | 22 comments Scot wrote: "how about one of these :
- Tales of Blinding Darkness
- Silent Screams of Madness"

Not bad....

What about "Tales of Blinding Madness"?

message 6: by S.R. (new)

S.R. Everett (SREverett) | 24 comments I like "Blinding Tales of Madness" more. :)

Have you considered using the title of one the short stories as the title for the book?

message 7: by Michael (new)

Michael Brookes (technohippy) Tales of Creeping Madness?

message 8: by Pamela (last edited Sep 13, 2012 08:34AM) (new)

Pamela | 178 comments Why use tales in the title? When I did my collection, I used Spectre Nightmares and Visitations. It is actually based off the title of one of the short stories, with one changed from Spectre Dreams and Visitations, from Dreams to Nightmares. I like that Silent of Screams of Madness suggested by Scot.

My suggestions:
Screaming in the Mind
What Madness Are These?
Shades of Madness and Screams
Screams of Insanity
Shrieking Craziness

message 9: by Gatorman (new)

Gatorman | 8318 comments I agree that "Tales of" should be left out. Everybody knows they are tales. Maybe use some descriptive words based on what the tales are actually about.

message 10: by Matthew (new)

Matthew Weber (matthewweber) | 22 comments Thanks for the feedback. The "tales of" was intended strictly for it's "retro" quality but I'll probably ditch it altogether.

message 11: by Chris (new)

Chris (wyrhwolf) | 21 comments "Tales of Screaming Madness" does have a retro sound to it, reminiscent of E.C. Comics titles such as "Tales From The Crypt" or "The Haunt of Fear". My vote goes to your alternative title, "Tales That Make God Scream". That title would grab my attention at a bookstore (an old fashioned concept, I know) and make me check it out.

message 12: by CasualDebris (new)

CasualDebris | 12 comments Certainly retro, reminiscent of those Random House & Dell Hitchcock anthologies, Stories My Mother Never Told Me, Tales to Make you Quake and Quiver, Stories to Read with the Door Locked... I like the "Tales of" myself but I prefer the word scream over madness. They don't work together for me, particularly since madness is more frightening when silent. Pretending there will be twelve stories, how about a variation on Twelve Screams.

message 13: by Ms. Nikki (new)

Ms. Nikki (miznikki) | 13944 comments I agree. No "tales of"

How 'bout

To Suffer Madness


Madness and Suffering (eye-catcher)


Cries of Madness


Tears of Suffering

message 14: by Char (new)

Char  | 14596 comments Mod
Wow, you all are pretty good at this. : )

message 15: by S.R. (new)

S.R. Everett (SREverett) | 24 comments "Madness and Suffering" gets my vote. I really like that one!

message 16: by Ms. Nikki (new)

Ms. Nikki (miznikki) | 13944 comments Charlene wrote: "Wow, you all are pretty good at this. : )"

Titles are the easy part! Thanks, Char :)

message 17: by Ms. Nikki (new)

Ms. Nikki (miznikki) | 13944 comments S.R. wrote: ""Madness and Suffering" gets my vote. I really like that one!"

Me too, S.R.~

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