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message 1: by Kristen (new)

Kristen | 15 comments I woke to the sound of the T.V. In our small apartment, noise spread to every room. The volume dropped as I identified the show as “Sunrise Today”. I glanced at the small bedside clock that I expected to break any day now. It was 6:00 on a Monday morning; no wonder I didn’t want to get up. The T.V. was on early. Strange.
I stretched, but stopped as I realized something. I jumped out of bed and raced to my calendar. I impatiently shoved the cute puppies upward onto the wall; I needed to check, to be sure. I pushed past July, August, September and October; and there it was. November 17th. November 17th, my thirteenth birthday! I closed my eyes and, with my mind, probed my entire body. Nothing was different, or at least I thought.
I opened my eyes and collapsed onto the bed. Why? Why would my mom be dreading this birthday? Why did she try to hide it? My eyes wondered the room as my mind I pondered this. There was the light brown cabinet I had got for my tenth birthday. The black stainless steel desk I had received as a graduation present stood in the corner. It clashed with everything in my room, but the desk was by far my favorite piece. Last summer, my mom and I had painted the textured walls a light blue. It matched the faded carpet that covered the floor. It was the second smallest room in the house, but it was also my favorite. I watched a fly soar across the room. I sighed but got up and approached the door. I didn’t even notice the hole in the wall.
As I entered the living room, I saw my mom perched on a stool in the kitchen. She had her cup of coffee in a death grip and was breathing quickly.
She smiled a thin-lipped smile and said “Happy Birthday, Allie.” She tried to keep it out of her voice, but I heard the fear. “Why are you…?” I began. A panicked look crossed her face and she cut me off saying “Presents?” I let it go because my mom wasn’t going to say anything anyway. “Sure.” I replied in a falsely happy tone. That’s just one of the differences between my mom and me, she is an open book and I am guarded. “Wonderful!” My mom said. I noticed that her hand shook as she passed me two presents. I studied them, deciding which to open first. One was a small, thin package wrapped in floral wrapping paper. The other was a fatter, thicker package with our usual wrapping paper: newspaper. I turned to my mom, holding the thinner package. I watched her fear turn to sheer terror as I asked “Where did this paper come from?” My mom’s face changed from terror to resentment and it settled on acceptance. My mom set down her cup of coffee. She turned to me and said slowly “Allie, it’s from your father.”
I stiffened. How was this possible? Why this birthday? Is she serious? Dozens of questions flooded my mind, and I couldn’t decide which to ask first. My mom watched me with a pained face. Of all the questions I could ask, I asked “How?”

message 2: by Kristen (new)

Kristen | 15 comments She was slow to respond. Finally, she said “The day you were born, your father left me something.” “Left you something.” She corrected. My eyes slid from her face to my own, personal miracle. The gift. The only thing he had ever left me. “I don’t know what it is, Allie. I promised not to open it.” She said quietly. I think she meant to calm me, but she did the exact opposite. Something my mom didn’t even know. I had to know. My fingers felt heavy and clumsy as I tore at the paper. My fingers hit something soft. Further tearing revealed a velvet jewelry box. I held my breath as I inspected it. I found a catch and clawed at it. Suddenly, it swung open. Inside was a golden chain with a beautiful orange gem. I reached out to touch it. Loud laughter from the T.V. startled me. I glanced up and saw that my mom was just as apprehensive as I was. I lowered my head and reached out for a second time. My hand grazed the orange gem and, I don’t know if I imagined it, but I swear it shuddered. I picked it up and held it up to the light. It sent hundreds of tiny orange beams in every direction.
A loud ding brought me back to the present. I glanced at the counter. Toast had sprung up from our very used toaster. I glanced at the clock above the beige couch and quickly got up saying “It’s already 6:30, I have to hurry!”

I walked slowly to meet Bruce. I hadn’t had time to dry my hair, so it hung limply, soaking my clothes. My buttered toast hung in my hand. I ate it slowly as I walked. I had decided to wear jeans and a light orange top that matched the gift. My mom’s gift had been a large volume of Sherlock Holmes I had wanted for over a year. However, my mind seemed cluttered and sluggish as I thought about my…dad’s gift. It didn’t help that a heavy fog covered everything.
A sharp bark startled me as I walked by the Renoe’s small house. A yellow Labrador sat outside on the dirty pavement. He looked exactly like the one from August on my calendar. Strange. I tossed him the last part of my toast as I walked by. I noticed he didn’t have a collar. Must be a stray I thought. Deck was good, and I’m sorry to say it wasn’t the last time he fooled me.
I almost walked by Bruce, but he stopped me with a cheerful “Happy Birthday!” I looked up, (Bruce is taller than most of our teachers) and saw that he held a small checkered box. He wore a black tank top and board shorts and I swear he is immune to cold. I looked at the present and noticed it wasn’t wrapped very well but I was touched to know that Bruce had tried. He handed it to me and I tore at the paper, eager to see the present. I found a small box with an ocean emblem on it. I pulled it open to see a gift card to Seaside Reads, my favorite bookstore. I read the small print on the card and discovered it was worth $30. I thanked him profusely as we walked towards 11th street. We were going to pick up the third musketeer.
Paige stood under the street sign. The heavy fog veiled her and it wasn’t hindering my view of her. I could also see the assortment of joggers, bikers, and other kids far down the bike path. Strange. She wore a pair of jeans and I could see a dark blue collar protruding from her heavy jacket. She didn’t seem to mind that we were late. She held a small misshapen present in her hand. It had a colorful pattern of birthday cakes and…presents, maybe? We closed the distance to her and she said a quiet happy birthday. She handed me the present as Bruce hummed a funeral march. I was about to hit him playfully on the arm, but Paige beat me to it. “Oh, right ...wrong song.” Bruce said feigning being forgetful. I always felt blessed that I didn’t hit Bruce. That might have been the end of his arm.

message 3: by Kristen (new)

Kristen | 15 comments Bruce switched to the Happy Birthday song. I tore the paper and it fell away to revel a beautiful homemade bracelet. Paige is an awesome artist but she hated drawing attention to herself. In this case, she had taken a wooden bracelet and transformed it into a beautiful paneled bracelet with delicate illustrations on each panel. My breath caught and I heard Bruce gasp. “It’s amazing Paige!” I said once my breath had returned. Paige blushed and Bruce pointed up the sidewalk, reminding us we needed to get moving. I put the bracelet on my wrist and studied it in the dense fog with no trouble. Strange.
I heard a faint rustling behind us and whirled around. It stopped suddenly as I called out “Who’s there!” Bruce and Paige were on either side of me and both wore the same puzzled expression. What did you hear, Allie?” Bruce asked. “Didn’t you hear it? It was a kind of rustling.” I clarified. Bruce and Paige exchanged a glance and Paige said “We didn’t hear.” I was positive I had heard something, but it was kind of freaky that Paige and Bruce hadn’t heard anything. “Must’ve been a squirrel or something.” I said, not really believing it.
We turned around and started back towards school. We walked for half a block when I heard it again. I spun around and saw Mr. Danforth. Paige and Bruce turned and I noted that Bruce was sweating profusely. I guess he didn’t finish the English essay. I registered two surfers out on the beach and a bird fluttering up a tree. There was also a man yelling at his son for not cleaning his room. I processed this as quick as thought. Really Strange. I shook my head trying to focus. “Mr. Danforth, Hi!” I said, “You scared us!” I heard what Mr. Danforth said next, but I saw that Bruce and Paige hadn’t. That made it all the more scarier because Mr.Danforth had whispered to himself “Do we have to get her? She’s just a kid.” He had an odd look on his face, but suddenly I was looking down on it. He and the floor were falling away. No, I was going up! I felt faint and looked up. The sky rushed toward me. I really wish Kelsi would have given more warning. I really hate flying.

message 4: by Kristen (new)

Kristen | 15 comments I've been sitting on that for some time. How did you like chapter 1?

message 5: by Shruti (new)

Shruti | 6 comments that was amazing but it was kind of cofusing in some parts like

I always felt blessed that I didn’t hit Bruce. That might have been the end of his arm.


...really wish Kelsi would ...

I dont think u explained who Kelsi was

message 6: by Kristen (new)

Kristen | 15 comments Well, that's part of the mystery isn't it?

message 7: by Shruti (new)

Shruti | 6 comments i guess so...
so plz write more

message 8: by Kristen (last edited Feb 10, 2009 05:49PM) (new)

Kristen | 15 comments Working on it! CHAPTER 2 TOMMORROW OR THURSDAY! PINKIE PROMISE!

message 9: by Shruti (new)

Shruti | 6 comments i am holding u to ur promise :D

message 10: by Kristen (new)

Kristen | 15 comments Chapter 2
I screamed and flailed like a beached fish. The invisible force pulling me upward was incredibly strong. A deep yell from my left and a high pitched scream to my right told me I wasn’t alone. I fought hard not to look down as waves of nausea rolled over me. That’s when I felt it. A presence. It was alien yet familiar. It seemed to only touch the edges of my mind. It radiated peace but had a touch of wariness. I concentrated as best as I could on it. If the nausea wasn’t enough, Bruce and Paige were screaming loud enough to shatter the eardrums of the people milling around the streets below. I peered down. Far below! I forced myself to look away and refocused on the presence.
I landed hard because I didn’t even notice falling back down. I hadn’t even felt it, but somehow my backpack had slipped off during the…flight? I guess you could call it that. A sudden rocking alerted me to the fact that I was on a boat. As I got up, I traced the dotted pattern below my fingers.
I looked around and saw I was on a yacht. A door stood ajar down the deck and I caught a glimpse of a short hallway with multiple doors leading off of it. I saw movement out of the corner of my eye. A tall figure stood at the wheel on top of the cabins below. The figure seemed at ease and gently guided the wheel.
I stumbled over to the rails on the side. A light thump and a slightly heavier thump pulled me back to the present. Bruce had landed lightly on his feet somewhere behind me. Paige let out a sharp cry as she tried to stand. I stood their frozen. I was angry. No, I was beyond angry. I could almost feel my temperature rising as my breathing quickened and my eyes flashed. I half noticed Bruce rush to Paige and pull her to the rail. Paige clutched her ankle and I saw tears streaming down her face. Pounding steps from behind the ajar door. My fury was a raging inferno, consuming all other thoughts and feelings. Any restraint I had over myself was released instantaneously. I barely noticed the boat almost tip over. I didn’t see, but heard the pipes burst and the glass shattering. My eyes snapped open and saw lights flicker. A huge crash made me look up. Clouds as dark as night rolled across the sky, devouring the empty gray before them. Waves of the rage still roared through me and whenever a strong one hit, impossibly bright lightning lanced across the sky.
Terrified yells echoed across the deck. I turned to see Bruce covering his head fearfully. Paige was alternating between yelling in pain and screaming in fear. I comforted them, saying it was alright and it was controlled, and somehow I knew it was okay because I felt everything that was happening. I knew that I was causing it. I never did find out if they heard me because just then a huge thunder clap sounded as a terrifying bolt of lightning shot clawed at the sky.
I heard frantic yells from behind the door leading off deck. A husky, powerful voice said “Does she have the medallion on?” Another voice said “What should we do?” A sharp girl’s voice cut my thoughts off. “Shh! It’s stopping!” Suddenly the presence just barely pricked the edge of my mind before withdrawing.

message 11: by Kristen (new)

Kristen | 15 comments The girl’s voice spoke with a tint of humor “She seems to find something funny.” I wondered how she could possibly know that or if she was even talking about me. Suddenly, a crippling exhaustion hit me and the floor was rushing at me.

I was hovering somewhere between consciousness and unconsciousness when I felt it. The presence. I had felt it twice before. The first time it was with me when we were flying at the boat. It had just nipped my mind before I had passed out. It radiated concern and pity for a minute as it just hung there. Then it asked. Not in words or pictures or any other language, but it asked me if it could enter and check me for injuries. This registered dimly in my mind but it was to exhausting to pursue. I did have enough state of mind to recoil slightly. It backed away slowly and after a few seconds sent the words ‘Stan Sampson’ to me. I started at the mention of the name that had jumpstarted my brain. I realized that the presence was female and somehow knew to send this discovery to her. The presence radiated joy and astonishment to me but I also had managed to sense a hint of puzzlement before she had hid it. She noticed me notice but she offered no explanation, only a slight blush.
It was strange. In this new world, there were no hiding feelings. She finally sent “I am a friend.” On this strange message system. Somehow, I believed her. It was almost like she couldn’t lie in this sightless world of emotions. She quietly asked me to lower the barriers I didn’t know I had. She sensed my anger and responded with embarrassment. She sent easy but unrealistic directions. They guided me to a small warp in my mind. I pushed against it cautiously. I suddenly felt everything. The sea was a living thing, lapping all parts of my mind. Six humans clustered around me. Another one was almost unconscious, but different. A plant flourished below deck. So much was flowing into my mind it was painful. I couldn’t move and I tried to scream to no avail. The odd unconscious human crumpled as the presence hurried in and pushed the warp lightly.
We were swallowed by our sightless world again. The presence apologized profusely and I could see she meant it. I wasn’t myself so; I didn’t think any more of it. The presence moved carefully among memories. She stopped at a distant corner of my mind? I guess that was what it was. Anyway, she hit a side of my mind like an experienced door-to-door salesman. I felt a warm fuzzy feeling float through me and I was asleep. She made it so I dreamed of her activities in my mind. It still is difficult to think of it as my mind.
Anyway, she continued her strange knocking for bit. (There’s no sense of time here) After she was done, she slowly maneuvered her way through thick fields of memories. She reached the warp and pushed lightly against it. For a minute there was that terrible sucking of all living things in my mind. I felt my eyes water but then I was released.

message 12: by Kristen (new)

Kristen | 15 comments I woke warm and thirsty. My thirst burned my throat more than my questions which was kinda scary after what I’d not just witnessed but participated in. I was dressed in my clothes from the morning, minus the boots. I rubbed my eyes, trying to shake off my grogginess. I peered down and saw plain sea blue covers. Still not quite awake, I surveyed the room. An ash desk stood opposite the door. On it was a silver laptop on a generic blue screen. A small bookcase was crammed full of thick books about everything from astronomy to pop culture. An identical bed filled the other side of the room. It had the same color covers as my bunk.
It all came back in a flash. The flight. The rage. The blackout. The presence. I reviewed the events and I felt like I was in a dream. A particularly large wave hit the yacht, reminding me this wasn’t a dream. I wondered if I was among aliens. I’m sorry to say that wasn’t the wildest theory I would come up with.
Waves of calmness suddenly washed over me like some kind of tranquilizer. I fought it for a few seconds before succumbing to the overwhelming peace that seemed to spread from within. A sleepy smile came across my face and my clenched fists opened. I closed my eyes content to lie forever in this soft paradise.
The calmness receded slowly, and I opened my eyes, startled. I sat up quickly, wondering what had come over me. I groaned softly as I got up. My back was in knots and I was terribly sore. I stretched and pulled my boots from under the bed and onto my feet.
The calmness returned with surprising ferocity as I wondered about Bruce and Paige. The lethargic smile returned as I pulled open the door.

message 13: by Kristen (new)

Kristen | 15 comments Chapter 2! Yay!

message 14: by Shruti (new)

Shruti | 6 comments Again it was confusing in a few parts...but i guess that is part of the mystery sooo keep writing btw it is really good
there were a few spelling errors also but that is okay for the first draft

message 15: by Kristen (new)

Kristen | 15 comments It's actully the second. First one typed, though.

message 16: by Shruti (new)

Shruti | 6 comments the one mistake that i saw was

I stood their frozen.

that their should be there

i am not that good with grammer and spelling stuff so you really shouldnt ask me

message 17: by Kristen (new)

Kristen | 15 comments I am terrible at all things spelling and grammar. (Did I spell Grammar right?)

message 18: by Shruti (new)

Shruti | 6 comments :D

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