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This is the roof of the complex that you live in, which is full of wind chimes, flowers, and grassy areas. It is surrounded by a force field that will shock you but not affect you. It prevents you from escaping and/or committing suicide.

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Twilight came onto the roof, turning to face Ryder.

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Grace Bosley Lianna silently followed. Sat on the steps leading up to the roof.

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Ryder remebered he had stuck a knife in his pocket and grinned, facing her. He was breaking all the rules today...

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Twilight lunged at Ryder, knocking him to the ground.

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Ryder rolled over on top of her, kneeing her chest a bit and reaching for his knife that he had taken in the dark.

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Twilight pulled them both to their feet, grabbing Ryder's arm and shoving him into the force field.

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"Shit." Ryder got out as it sort of jolted him away, launching him at her. He had successfully pulled out his knife, but it had only sliced a tiny slit in her cheek and he stumbled to recover from the forcefield impact.

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Twilight smirked, not even giving a thought to the cut on her cheek.

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Ryder straightened, then lunged for her, growling.

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"Idiot boy." Twilight said, sidestepping easily.

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"shut your mouth." Ryder said, stopping himself before he crashed into the force field. Obviously this wasn't the way to beat her. He stood stock still, facing Twilight.

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Twilight smirked. "Maybe you should."

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"I'll pass." Ryder said, flipping his knife in his hands.

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Twilight snapped forward, knocking his legs from under him.

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Ryder fell, taking her down with him. He wasn't afraid to fight a girl, but wondered how far she wanted to take this.

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"The academy did a poor job with you," Twilight said, pinning his small frame to the ground.

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"Maybe." Ryder told her, spitting in her face. "But maybe I just didn't try." He shoved her off, kicking her away.

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Twilight smiled. "I think we should end this now, before one of us gets hurt." She turned to walk down the stairs. At the last moment, Twilight turned, punching Ryder in the stomach. With that, she turned, and left.

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Ryder couldn't let her have the last word, so he tossed his knife, clipping the side of her head and taking off a bit of her hair, but no serious damage.

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Xander Sympathy | 62 comments Seeing that the fight had already started Ayana watches everyone, at a safe distance, not really rooting for anyone, though she found Ryder a bit pathetic at the moment.

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Twilight didn't turn as she caught the knife and slipped it into her pocket.

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Ryder grumbled and stumbled off, giving the onlookers dirty looks.

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Xander Sympathy | 62 comments "HaHa that was fun I kind of like that chick." She said smirking at Ryder.

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Ryder rolls his eyes, "Speak for yourself, she's gonna be the death of us all."

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Xander Sympathy | 62 comments Her Smirk doesn't leave her face. "You might want to pay attention to her you might learn something. Plus, it's easier to kill someone when you know they're usual go-to tactics."

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"I was looking." Ryder said with a shrug, defending himself again.

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"Fine I wasn't. Happy?" Ryder says, crossing his arms. "And I am too different. Don't ever liken me to her." He spits out, narrowing his eyes.

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Ryder grumbles but lets her leave.

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Ryder sits on a ledge near the far edge and looks out over the city, angry.

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Xander Sympathy | 62 comments Ayana doesn't leave, kind of delighting in Ryder's unpleasant state.

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Grace Bosley Lianna couldn't help herself "Nice job!" She shouted to Ryder. "Now I know to beware of you" She made air quotes on beware. She snorted and started down the steps.

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Xander Sympathy | 62 comments She laughs at Lianna's comment, "I think it's time for me to go too." She heads down the stairs.

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Ryder shut his eyes, very frustrated. At least they wouldn't be so scared of him anymore. It might be easier to kill. He didn't move, except pressing a fingernail into his wrist.

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Grace Bosley Lianna went to the training room.

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