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message 1: by Arctic (last edited Feb 09, 2009 01:15PM) (new)

Arctic | 13 comments Mod
What is so amazing about Kavalier & Clay's adventures? Discuss The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay.

message 2: by Jon (new)

Jon | 5 comments I'm through the first two sections of book currently so I do not think that I can give a definitive answer as to what is so amazing about the book (yet).

I am really enjoying Chabon's writing though. I might be biased because the last book that I finished was like sledging through a bog. The book included alternating chapters where one would be good and as you saw a page break coming you would scream internally that there would be another 20 pages of garbage to get through.

I would not say that Chabon directly uses an alternating chapter P.O.V. but the story has jumped from past to present and from the perspectives of both Joe and Sam and I have yet to cringe.

Unfinished thoughts and ideas:

I really like that both Joe and Sam instill their own faults into the heroes that they create.

I am interested in the golem, its history and purpose.

message 3: by Arctic (new)

Arctic | 13 comments Mod
Well I'm just starting on the second section, but I have to agree Chabon's writing is pretty amazing in itself. I'm really enjoying this book so far. I only wish I was more familiar with comics so I could appreciate more of the references.

message 4: by Jon (new)

Jon | 5 comments You might want to take five minutes to check out Yes, I am obsessed with wikipedia and rely on it as truth in almost all cases. I think most readers of the novel aren't familiar with the old school comics. The book came out in 1997 and to be of comic reading age in 1940 you should have been born in 1932 or later meaning that IF he was writing for people who knew the subject matter well they would have been 65 at the time.

Personally, I used to collect comics when I was younger - buying current comics from the late 80s/early 90s and some back issues from as early as the early 70s. Im not feeling that the experience I had is really making that much of a difference in my understand of the book but I could just be unaware.

I did a search and it turns out that Chabon actually worked with Dark Horse comics to release the Escapist as an actual comic book - it as well as the other inventions of Kav and Clay being fiction. They could be interesting to take a look at.

message 5: by Arctic (new)

Arctic | 13 comments Mod
Thanks for the link - I'll definitely check it out! Good point about the age of the comicbook readers.

A friend was asking what I'd compare this book to. What do you think? I suggested Everything is Illuminated and The Prestige, but I'm really not that far in the book yet.

Another friend who has read it already warned me that the book gets really boring after the section on the golem. Hope he's wrong.

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